How to have a booze-free bucks party


When it comes to bucks parties the first thing that comes to mind is alcohol and strippers. However, this isn’t something that everybody would be into. Some people just want to have fun and don’t need alcohol to facilitate or fuel their fun event. 

You might think there is no way that a bucks party would be enjoyable without alcohol. You are wrong to think that. There are plenty of bucks party ideas you can try out that require no consumption of alcohol. 

When it comes to activities there are different kinds of activities are fun especially without alcohol. You can choose from indoor activities like escape rooms, water based activities like surfing, outdoor activities like zip lining and so many others. Find an organiser that can help you go through some bucks party ideas Melbourne has to offer. 

New games are created all the time. Some like The Cube are taken directly from TV game shows. Another game that has made its way into the bucks party arena is Impossible. You could re-enact your favourite TV game show. Instead of money, the price could be something ridiculous like a pair of women’s lacy underwear or something else that is as intriguing. 


Kayaking has been a favourite water based sport. It’s a great team building activity. You can go kayaking on a river or sea kayaking. 


For adrenalin junkies, ziplining is the best activity. It is almost up there with bungee jumping. It will definitely get you screaming and hollering as you zoom past.


Paintballing has been a favourite bucks party activity for years now. You can decide your friends into two groups and shoot each other with the objective of capturing their enemy flag or the groom himself. Melbourne has a number of places that offer paintballing for group for group functions. It is one of those common activities that always manage to find its way on most bucks party ideas Melbourne event organisers offer. 

The above ideas are mostly for the day time. When the sun sets that’s when boozy parties begin but we are aiming for an alcohol free party. Just because you don’t drink or your mates font doesn’t mean you can’t go out of the town at night. Night clubs are great. You can get on the floor and dance the night away with your virgin cocktail. Some clubs even sell the no-alcohol beer brands. If you still want to amp the party up, visit a strip club.  There are plenty of those in the city with beautiful ladies who are talented performers. If you have never been to a strip club, forget everything you’ve seen on TV. The real thing is less chaotic as it is often depicted. These aren’t dingy places with desperate women who would do a lot for a dollar. These are decent women, who train hard to be good at what they do. Respect and common human decency goes a long way. The nude bodies and the music may be disorienting, just give yourself a minute to get used to the surroundings. 

Sober bucks parties aren’t impossible and they don’t have to be boring either. The important thing is that the groom should get to do the things that he likes to do with people that are important to him. Alcohol or no alcohol, don’t overthink it, just have fun.

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