The ABC’s of setting up a home recording studio



You will need a computer. It doesn’t necessarily require over the top, glitzy features and specifications that will burn a hole in your wallet. At the same time, you can’t cheap out with a second-hand product with obsolete software. A good product would be a Mac Book Pro, Mac Mini or you can choose to have a PC with corresponding features. A computer is going to be the key part of your process so take your time in choosing the right gadget. It pays to invest in quality gear.

Speakers and headphones

We can’t stress on gear enough. It might seem like a redundant fixation but if you want quality music, then being able to distinctively hear what you record and mix audio by blending tracks together is of supreme importance. Fortunately, you don’t have to rob a bank in obtaining this.

You will need professional gear such as monitors that cater to mixing music. A monitor has the advantage of being “flat”, which is a stark contrast to commercial speakers. You can experiment by making a track that uses excessive bass and blend it with one that uses less bass.

They cost a few hundred dollars and are a great way to get started.

Audio interface

An audio interface is an interesting piece of hardware that is tethered to the computer but helps in improving the sonic abilities of a computer. It enables connection with microphones and other instruments, primarily to make music.

If your music is not solely generated through virtual tools, then you will need an audio interface so it can pave the way in creating audio that will include your voice, tangible musical instruments like an electric guitar, or even a microphone. You can also attach high-quality stereos. The headphone output of your computer may not suffice as its not as good as an audio interface.

Form factor

If you’re the type to have everything at your fingertips, as opposed to monitoring software than modern mixers offer just that. They are lightweight and are fashioned to work in studios and live environments like clubs from their inception. There are two different kinds, namely analog and digital mixers, one in which the audio signals are internally processed in their analog form and the other where the analog wave is sampled and turned into numbers.

The process of setting up one’s own studio can be overwhelming. If you alternatively wish to enter a space that has all the concomitant functions of a recording studio, then Songmill recording studio is just for you.

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