5 Awesome Thai Recipes You Must Try


Wondering about what to try in Thailand? You have come to the right place. Here the article will suggest to you the must-try Traditional Thai recipe (สูตร อาหาร ไทย โบราณ, which is the term in Thai) for your wonderful food tour in Thailand. 

Spicy Shrimp Soup (Tom Yum Goong)

This is one of the most popular recipes in Thailand that is available in almost every place. The fascinating thing about this recipe is its unique flavour. This authentic soup needs some of the most important ingredients such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and chilli flakes, black pepper powder, juicy shrimp, fish sauce and fresh chillies. The food is tasty, and If served fresh, you can get Thailand’s flavour. 

Noodle Soup (Guay Tiew Reya)

You can also take this food as a main course and almost every street restaurant. Generally, this soup originates in Bangkok and is used to serve on the boat. That’s why this is also known as bost noodles. It needs simmered broth combining Thai spices and meat. This soup can be made with other foods such as pork and seafood.

The Basil Chicken (Pad Krapow Gai)

The Pad Krapow Gai is another popular Traditional Thai recipe that means Basil chicken, and the formula is the perfect choice for those looking for a fast yet tasty meal. Not only a spice, but this food also has another speciality in its texture and look. Some common ingredients for this food include peanuts, beans, chicken, scrambled eggs, etc. 

Jim Jum (Chicken Soup In Clay Pot)

The Jim Jum is generally served in a clay pot and combines tasty pork broth in a charcoal bed. You can say this is one of the most laid-back recipes for Thai Cuisine. Other essential ingredients of this food include cabbage, beaten egg, meats, glass noodles, etc. Thai basil is one of the crucial herbs in this recipe. All these ingredients are simmered in a clay pot to make this tasty and healthy soup. 

Duck Dish (Kao Na Phet)

The Kao Na Phet is an excellent duck soup Traditional Thai recipe that you can try. It needs meat from the selected parts of a duck body, and they are cut and drizzled with some unique flavours to add to this recipe. This duck meat is served along with a plate of rice. The speciality of this dish is that it absorbs the flavour wicker than the chicken and adds extra taste to the food. 


These are some of the tasty Thai recipes that you must try. Most of these dishes are made of chicken and can be altered with other meats. If you have your first tour in Thailand, don’t miss to check out these fabulous recipes.

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