How to make distressed denim jeans at your home?


In this article, we will discuss how you can make distressed or ripped denim jeans at your home. Also, we will discuss the history of jeans from the time they were first made is.

What are how you can make your DIY jeans at home?

Here is a list of ways in which you can make your DIY ripped jeans at home.

  •  How to make ripped jeans?

The first thing is that you will need material like a chopping board, pair of jeans, a knife or a cloth scissor. Then you will also need to get sandpaper to make the rips more smooth and easy to wear. After you have all the equipment, you will need to mark the place where you have to make these cuts.

Then you can start cutting the jeans on the chopping board to avoid damaging the surface. Then you will have to rub them with sandpaper to make them smooth to wear.

  •  How to put patches in the jeans?

To put patches on your jeans, you will need an iron, a plain T-shirt and patches. After you have made rips in the jeans on the place, you want the patches. You will need to turn the jeans inside out and put the patch where you need them. Then you will have to make the iron hot, and then for 90 seconds, press the patch on the spot evenly.

  •  How to add paint splatter to your jeans?

For this, you will need jeans that are light in colour and should not be dark. Then you will need a couple of newspapers and also different kinds of paints which you want. After that, you will have to pick a corner and put down the newspapers. Then slowly, you will have to take out the paint in your brush and either brush or splatter them on the jeans. vAfter this, you will have to let them dry out in the sun for a couple of hours.

  •  How to bleach your jeans?

For the bleaching, you will need lots of newspapers, light-coloured jeans, and also a low solution bleach. First, you will need to loosen up the jeans by soaking them in the water for 20 minutes and turning it in after 10 minutes. Then you will need to make a bleach solution in a small cup or a mug. Then you will need to wear rubber gloves and add the bleach to the jeans in the water.

Then you have to mix this solution well with the jeans and remove them and let them dry out. Then you will have to remove them from the sun and put it in the machine for another spin with no water or clothes. Then you will have to remove the jeans and then hang them up in the sun for a couple of hours. Also, before bleaching, you can spread bleach using a brush on the area you want to customize.

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