Some Important Characteristics of a Good Spray Paint


The usage of spray paints is extremely wide: From a simple, DIY craft to carrying out paint hobs in automobiles, the versatility of spray paints spans a long way down the perfect utility line. Owing to the wide applicational capabilities of spray paints, they come manufactured for application specific purposes. They can be used to paint metal, glass and wood: For them the paint has unique characteristics which make them ideal for the specific application.

In order to get a professional finish and a good-looking coat, it is advised to go with the best quality spray paints. In fact, to be honest, the spray paint price does not matter at all. With spray paints in general, the price you pay is for the brand and not for the paint. So, before purchasing a spray paint at some decent price, keep an eye out for these characteristics as they will have a final say in how well the work turns out to be.

High Solids Content.

Spray paints is usually made of a solvent and solids. The solids are suspended in the solvent as an emulsion. A good quality spray paint has a high solid to liquid ratio. A good solid content provides better coverage and also minimizes overspray. This will also ensure the coat turns out to be of uniform thickness, as desired. In addition to this, a higher solvent will cause the paints to drip even at lighter coats and a higher solid content will mitigate the problem.

Coverage of the Spray

Coverage is simply defined as the area covered per unit of the spray paint used. As stated earlier, a higher solid content will increase the coverage offered by the paint. A spray paint with a high coverage will last longer and complete more of a project than a spray paint of less coverage. This is why spray paints with high coverage tend to have their prices quite up the ladder.


Hide is the characteristic of a paint that determines its ability to hide the underlying surface under its own colour. A good paint will have good ‘hide’ characteristic. It is also something that determines if someone needs a single coat paint or multiple coat paints.

Fast drying

When one is working on any project it is almost impossible to keep the environment dirt free. Therefore, it is extremely important to use paints with a quicker drying time to keep the paint coat free from any contamination. A contaminated coating will cause unevenness and the paint to peel off gradually.


It is important to know what type of project one is working on before selecting a spray paint to use for that purpose. Spray paints offer multiple levels of flexibility on flexible surfaces; Therefore, one must choose carefully the paint that will be suitable for the project they are working on. For instance, if someone is painting on rubber sheets, the spray paint must have that calibre of flexibility that will let it withstand.

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