Self Actualization and Self Realization Are Different


There are two terms in psychology which are generally interpreted for similar meanings. However, there is a line of difference that needs to be denoted well to make a clear cut differential in these two terms. Self actualization related to the aspiration of a man to achieve his goals and the efforts to fulfill them by using his full potential.

Self-actualization involves one to express their creativity which leads to spiritual enlightenment. There can be various more traits of self-actualization in which individuals can relate to such as getting involved in communal causes and social works to find more connected to their supreme self. They try to work for the innate purpose of being a human- to help each other to uplift each other. They relate to the pain and suffering of other human beings and try to find cures of their problems with genuine efforts and deeds. These are the characteristic features that will make you realize the sense of self-actualization.

Self-realization is more about trying to understand the “self”. It is a pursuit in which people try to find out “who they are” and “who or what governs them”. The focus of this term is more relevant to the feelings that are inwards. People tend to find answers pertaining to their soul, existence, and purpose.

However, the purpose is worked upon in self-actualization.

So the basic difference between the two terms is relative to their outputs- outwards or inwards. Where self-actualization brings you to get in touch with people in society and tends to make you more sensible about their well being, self-realization is more about understanding your presence and its importance in the world.

  • What do we need to resort to- self-actualization or self-realization?

This question needs to be tackled by an individual on the basis of his or her choices. If you explicitly go on to help others beyond means and measures- you are on a path wherein you want to discover what is right for you and how you can tap your potential fully.

At the same time, self-realization is a personal journey. We think that we can enhance our skills of self-realization through personal endeavors only.

However, in trying to understand both the terms we need to know that we must work cognitively with these terms. We need to understand the difference between the potential of each and every human being.

At Mind valley organization, there are trainers and highly qualified professionals who help the other people in the journey of upliftment. They help you tread a path that will bring you more closely to the purpose of your life. You will be able to relate your purpose with the passion and thereby the consequences will be rewarding.

The definition of self-actualization concludes that it is the process of fostering the creative powers amongst people. If you have been looking forward to leading a life of self-actualization or self-realization then you can contact the team Mind valley. The experiences through the journey bring about horizons of freedom that are indeed meaningful. A self-actualized person develops self-confidence and maintains his/ her dignity in every situation of life.

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