Reasons Why Some Places Experience Water Shortage and How the Big Berkey Water Filter Helps


It’s unfortunate that some places around the world have to deal with the water crisis. People in areas where there’s water shortage have to travel long distances so they can get drinking water. Others even die because of dehydration and waterborne illnesses. Understanding the reasons behind the water shortage is crucial. It could change your behavior towards the use of water. It might even convince you to buy a Big Berkey water filter to cleanse your tap water.  For more information on the Big Berkey water filter, check out the USA Berkey website today!

Global warming is the biggest reason

Everyone knows that global warming is real and is caused by human activities. Sadly, not everyone believes in this fact. They still think it’s a hoax that shouldn’t be believed. Global warming adversely affects us, and water shortage is one of its terrible consequences.

We rely on rain as a source of water. If there’s no rain, our water sources will dry up. This is exactly what’s happening these days. Due to global warming, the clouds are pushed towards the poles. It leaves some countries especially in the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa with severe drought. After months of not having any rain, water sources dry up.

Conversely, due to global warming, it’s always raining in other places. It might be a good thing, but excessive rain leads to flooding. Hence, these areas are gradually sinking. It’s only a matter of time before some smaller island nations will be wiped out of the map as a result of global warming.

There’s a growing population everywhere 

It’s a simple equation. When there’s more population, the demand for water increases. The problem is that some countries are unable to address population growth. As of now, the world population stands at 7.5 billion. Within 30 years, there will be over 2 billion more added to that growing number. It means that this reason for water shortage is going to last longer. Unless we can find more water sources, and countries become more proactive in providing sufficient water sources, it’s only going to get worse.

Groundwater is almost in critical levels

The deep underground water is the source of the Earth’s freshwater. The problem is that the source is gradually being depleted. It’s due to the constant use of water for various purposes. It includes farming, drinking, and industrial operations. It’s a good thing if the water source is replenished immediately. It’s an issue if people consume more water even before it’s replenished. It’s a crucial issue right now in India where 54% of groundwater sources are depleted. It’s also getting worse over the years. The reason why we don’t seem alarmed by this issue is that we don’t notice the depletion of the groundwater sources. It’s not like a dried-up lake which we can easily monitor and act upon.

Water infrastructure is in terrible shape 

The source of water being depleted is already a huge deal. It’s even worse if we consider the water infrastructure. After obtaining water from the sources, it has to be transported and processed. Along the way, some of it is lost. Due to the terrible infrastructure such as pipe leaks, more water is wasted. In some countries, there’s not even a standard facility to transport and purify water for the citizens. Some people have to improvise. If these issues aren’t addressed immediately, they could contribute even more to the alarming problem of water shortage. The lack of clean drinking water makes it even more crucial to invest in water filters.

Some people don’t mind their water usage 

Water shortage could be due to natural reasons, but it could also be a result of human ignorance and lack of empathy. In some areas, people have no problems accessing clean drinking water. As such, they don’t mind the amount of water used for daily purposes. For instance, they take several minutes to bathe using a shower. Gallons of water could have been saved if the shower time was limited. Some people also don’t deal with pipe leaks at home. They think it’s not a big deal with it wastes up to a hundred gallons of water per day. In short, those who don’t understand the consequences of water shortage since they don’t experience it contributes to the problem. If you’re among those who don’t have issues with water access, it might be time to start caring about those who do.

Some countries are at war

Social conflicts are also among the reasons why people don’t have access to clean water. People involved in the fight end up bombing water sources. Others prevent people whom they see as enemies from accessing clean water. It includes those innocent civilians who aren’t a part of the war. Wars also lead to road damages and the destruction of crucial infrastructure. As such, transporting clean water becomes extremely challenging. The situation in some war-torn places is pretty dire and there seems to be no end in sight.

There’s hope

It might seem like these problems are only going to worsen, but there’s hope. It’s time for us to consider the steps that could help alleviate the situation. It starts by changing our behavior. We need to rethink the way we use water and try our best to save our water sources. It’s also important to call the attention of various governments to do spending about the problem. Most of them could be solved with the right policies. The problem is that some leaders don’t want to take action because they benefit from the problem. They’re also afraid of the companies and powerful individuals whom they would have to deal with for enforcing certain policies.

We face tons of issues around the world, but water shortage is among the problems that require immediate actions. If we don’t deal with it soon, more people would die. Considering how important water is, we can’t afford to leave this problem alone. It takes years to make water more accessible to several places, and we should get started.

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