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Texas Hold’em is all about the best 5 cards. This combination must be made from the two face down cards that each player receives and the five community cards on the table. Texas Hold’em No Limit is played with 52 cards and the betting limits are set in advance. If you want to participate in one hand you have to pay blind. The blind are also determined in advance. At tournaments, the blind often go up every so often. We call this ‘blind levels’. When playing poker you have a small blind ‘small blind’ and the big blind ‘big blind’.

Big, small blind and antes

In big situs online poker tournaments there is a dealer who deals the cards. If there is no dealer at the table, the players themselves deal the cards. To make this as easy as possible, there is a disc that rotates clockwise every round to the next player. The game begins by dealing the two face down cards for each player. The sharing is clockwise and starts with the player to the left of the dealer. The player to the left of the dealer is also the small blind. The small blind must always bet a certain amount. To the left of the small blind is the big blind. He also has to bet a mandatory amount. In some tournaments you also have to deal with “ante”. This is a small amount that must be bet by every player at the table.

Before the flop

If you are playing in a tournament and there are only two players left, the dealer will automatically be the small blind and the other player will be the big blind. If each player has two cards and the blind have placed their mandatory bet on the table, the hand can begin. The player to the left of the big blind (1st position) has three options. He can “call” then means to put the amount the big blind has bet on the table. His second option is raise “raise” and finally he can also decide to discard the hand, which we call “fold”. When you fold you throw away the cards and you don’t have to show them. Betting continues until each player wishing to take part has bet the same amount.

The flop

When the betting is complete, the first three cards can be placed on the table. The top card on the deck does not participate, this is called a “burn” or fire card in poker. The next step is to turn over three cards, which we call the “flop”. Now it is time to estimate how good the cards are in your hand. Which combinations do you already have and which combination you could possibly make with the two cards that are still to come.


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