Providing emergency care on a road


Nowadays, the majority of people are using different types of transport for their needs. More and more individuals are possessing cars and passing driving exams without taking first aid training. As a result, the number of accidents on a move are increasing. People aren’t acquainted to perform properly. Lack of knowledge can be reduced by taking Erste Hilfe Kurs München. It will definitely help you to provide effective emergency care. 

Main strategies of granting proper health care

  • Running dangerous situation ( make sure you put away all hazardous materials and grant your safety at once)
  • Applying for response (ask for respond by giving questions about pain and some personal details)
  • Checking airway (view whether there are some objects blocking the airway, try to put them away if possible)
  • Establishing breathing (check for normal breathing
  • Providing compressions (chest compressions should be applied apart with rescue breathing)

Bleeding and burns: main injures of casualty

First, make everything stop bleeding. Look for the wounds by examining the casualty body. Be careful, don’t make more discomfort. Take away glass and other harmful things from the wounds. Reducing the flow of the blood will be the next issue. To maintain it you have to perform without pressing on the wound. Put a bandage or a piece of cloth on the injuries. Make sure you do everything properly before hauptbahnhof erste hilfe kurs gets to the area.

People who have burns in accidents may have shock and feel unsafe. Your actions should be gentle. It will be more resulting if you reduce anxiety before providing emergency care. Get in touch with casualty and ask for more personal facts. When dealing with burns try to cool it with water or ice packs. The last option can be found in the first aid kit.

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