What Questions to Ask Before Hiring the Right Janitorial Services?


Janitorial service is essential to keep commercial places, restrooms, washrooms, hospitals, hotels, and work offices clean. No one wants to visit a filthy facility. Some of the veteran commercial janitorial services also offer property management or maintenance services. 

There are so many Janitorial services around Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nevada, and San Diego that it becomes challenging to choose the right one. Choosing the wrong one can be difficult for the office staff to work as the environment is not up to the healthy standards. 

Before hiring a Janitorial company for cleaning commercial space, ask them appropriate questions. This will help you avoid partnering with an inefficient Janitorial service provider.

What’s your experience?

Janitorial business does not need too much capital to start a firm, and thus many groups offer these services. Often such firms flop, as the team does not consider the significance of proper training and specialization in cleaning services. 

On the other hand, reputed and experienced companies like All Ready janitorial services in SFV have been in the business since 1995. They have several branches spread across different locations. This prompts the company has a good reputation and credibility in the market.  

What kind of customers do you have?

This helps to determine the Janitorial service providers’ experience and the kind of equipment they employ for their job. For example, All Ready Janitorial service have been working with offices, parking lots, malls, pharmacies, banks, dealerships, and warehouses for more than two decades. This indicates the level of professionalism and high-quality work. 

Do you sign a monthly or long term contract? 

Several cleaning agencies can lock you in a one-year contract. This can be an issue if your association is unstable. Even with a long term contract, there is a need for an open window like 30-day termination notice for unsatisfied performance. Therefore, it is better to choose a service that offers a monthly contract. Always check what you are signing for!

What kind of assurance do you offer on your employees working for the contracted hours?

You have heard that the cleaning company’s staff skimps on work hours. For example, you decided to pay for 4 people working 8 hours at night. The question arises on how to find out if the cleaners are working for those contracted hours. 

A good Janitorial service will use technology, which removes the likelihood of fudging numbers as in the traditional sign-in/sign out paper forms. The apps allow them to keep track of their employees working on-site. Moreover, you can even communicate with them in case there is some carpet stain that needs deep cleaning, just send the pictures and they will do the task that night.

What kind of products is used?

Chemicals can damage the air around the office or building. Bleach-based cleaning products can aggravate allergies among visitors and employees. Therefore, choose a company that makes use of eco-friendly cleaning products. 

What kind of extra services do you provide?

It is wise to hire a Janitorial company that offers several other services besides cleaning. In the future, you may need services like –

  • External window cleaning
  • Handyman services like construction clean up, building cabinets, carpet cleaning, etc.
  • Painting
  • Light bulb repair & maintenance

Check everything carefully before you partner with a Janitorial Service! 

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