New website: better to invest in SEO or Google ADS? Or use both?


The creation of a new website and the insertion of quality content

The design of a new website always represents a moment of great euphoria for the owners of the portal, as well as for the designers themselves responsible for creating the new online space: after a phase of experimentation and of making changes to what has been achieved from the point of technical view, the site is finally ready to make its debut on the web and to let itself be known by new users, in such a way as to spread the information through which you intend to communicate your thoughts to the community.

Once the site has been created, however, it is time to insert and update the contents of the portal over time. Content is always a thorny topic, capable of making even the most expert designer slip: it is not just about publishing articles and making users read them at will, but rather about taking care of any aspect that may concern both the publication of the materials of one’s own creation, and the diffusion of the same in the world of the web. It is possible to summarize what is explained in a few simple words: quality content, also associated with the possibility of making money online through advertisements, are synonymous with success.

Successful content creation and online advertising

Online success becomes a reality when particularly valuable content is associated with a website design built in a practical and intuitive way. These contents, conceived according to certain pre-established strategies and methods, allow you to increase the visibility and the number of accesses to your site thanks to the quality of the texts, the presence of multimedia elements, and integration with the main social channels and so on.

Visibility is therefore one of the factors that most influence the success of a portal, since it is connected to an equally important and fundamental discourse for the growth of the site: the placement of advertising inserts within the pages of the portal. The two aspects, that of visibility and that of the insertion of advertising, are intimately related to each other, since the latter is a direct consequence of the former. The relationship stems from the fact that greater visibility, guaranteed by the qualitative improvement of the contents, allows you to create an advertising campaign with higher probability of economic return.

From a purely practical point of view, the improvement of the quality of the contents is made possible by the implementation of the SEO practice, while the advertising aspect of a site can be taken care of using a medium such as Google Ads. But what is meant by “SEO”? And what are the specific features of Google Ads?

SEO: definition and characteristics

Let’s start by giving some explanations about SEO. “SEO services“, acronym for “Search Engine Optimization” (literally translated as ” search engine optimization “), means all those practices aimed at promoting the positioning of a site, a portal or a blog among the most highlighted results within a search engine.

The advantages deriving from the implementation of a similar strategy are rather obvious: a site that is easily identifiable in the very first pages of a search engine (e.g. Google) will be able to record a much higher number of accesses if compared with the numbers that register sites positioned on the least visited pages and most at the bottom of the same search engine.

Doing SEO therefore means making sure that the published content can be more visible, all through the adoption of particularly effective techniques such as the use of keywords within the texts, the integration of social networks, the correct indexing of the pages, the constant updating of the programming language and of the markup code standards, in short, all those technical aspects that characterize a website and that contribute to defining its functionality and aesthetics.

How Google Ads works

After having clarified what are the main aspects of SEO, we give some explanations on Google Ads . Born back in October 2000 under the name of ” Google AdWord s”, over the years Ads has developed to the point of becoming a huge source of income for the Mountain View company.

Through advertisements, in fact, Google manages to raise tens of billions of dollars annually, all thanks to the particular ways in which advertising is placed within the pages sought by the user. The great advantage of Google Ads is precisely that of proposing to the one who surfs advertisements created ad hoc for his own person, which is made possible by a Google algorithm that takes into account the keywords used by the user while browsing.

This translates into a double advantage: on the one hand, advertisers will be able to increase their revenues by targeting sponsored products more effectively, and on the other, users will view articles in which, in all probability, they will be interested by virtue of the previous research carried out during navigation.

Building a new website: the best investment

We understood how SEO and Google Ads can make significant improvements from the point of view of the growth of a site within which the two practices can be applied. But when it comes to building a website from scratch, what will be the best strategy to implement? Is it better to focus on the high quality and richness of SEO content, so as to increase the number of connected users, or better to focus on Google advertising practices? In reality there is no certain answer.

Different sites will have different needs, so it will be up to the site owner to choose which path to take. Keep in mind, however, that it is still possible to aim for a combination between the two practices, i.e. to adopt the SEO NYC strategy first and then start an ad hoc advertising campaign carried out through the Google Ads service.

To do this, it is essential to rely on advertising agencies made up of a team of highly competent experts and specialists, to which you can request a free estimate for the realization of any project relating to the construction of your web space. When you opt for a suitable website design plan for a web host

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