Different types of tactical slings


There are several types of tactical slings available in the market. It may be confusing for many to choose the right sling. The application and personal preference are the two main factors that will help you to choose the right type of tactical slings. Further, people who are involved with law enforcement may need good quality tactical rifles. By considering some of the features and accessories of tactical rifles, you can choose the best one. Now, let us see the types of tactical slings and their uses.

Why do you need a tactical sling?

When thinking about rifles, many people think the bulky and heavy ones are of good quality. But, heavy riffles do not serve any purpose as a normal person cannot even balance or lift it. Therefore, rifle users should consider buying effective tactical sling. These types of rifles are very beneficial as the person can keep the rifle on their body. It is easy to lift tactical rifles as the sling distributes equal weight to shoulder and hands. The tactical sling is perfect for a professional as the rifle is always within reach. When not shooting, firing, or pointing, the hands are free and help them to do other things. In short, tactical slings are convenient and easy to use. Now, let us see the three types of tactical slings.

The Single-point sling

Single point tactical sling is very rare. This rifle contains only one sling. This type of rifle can be easily passed to another person when firing. The sling also provides great convenience to shift the rifle to another shoulder that lessens the weight of the rifle.

The Two-point sling

The two-point sling is the common type of tactical rifle available in the market. This rifle has two points; the first point grabs the stock and the other one clip to the handguard. The two-point slings are easy to adjust, work, wear, and are closer to the firing point. This two-point sling makes it easy to fire in any position without moving the rifle.

The three-point sling

The three-point slings are similar to the two-point tactical slings. But, there is a third sling or strap attached to the rifle. This third point tactical sling provides great grip as the rifle is tightened towards the wearer’s body.

Features to look for

  • The position

The sling in the rifle should let your arms, shoulders, and hands move freely. You can check whether you can perform actions such as swinging, shooting, and aiming comfortably. Therefore, try out which rifle is comfortable and suits your shooting position.

  • The right grip

The grip is an important factor that helps to position or aim your rifle correctly. Some rifles are better than others for specific occasions. For example, if you are on a mission or target competition, a single sling rifle may be suitable as it dangles and moves. But, for hunting, you may need a three or two sling tactical rifle that is tight on your body and helps to take a perfect aim.


If you want to buy the best tactical sling, then try it out. By considering factors such as positions and size, you can choose the perfect one. Tactical slings are a great accessory for rifle users. The good quality tactical slings such as the above-mentioned ones are adjustable and comfortable to wear. Therefore, choose the best tactical sling that suits your requirements.