Natural foods that help improve libido


Having a healthy sexual life is very important for a variety of reasons. Other than being a primal need, sex is a great exercise and mood booster. It helps to relieve stress and get rid of anxieties that plague people. Similarly, sex is also very important component of marriage and intimate relationships.

Sex is also vital to sustain life. It is equally important for the mental and physical health. It also plays a significant role for in social relationships.

Hence, when sex life dries up due to various reasons, many things can and do fall apart. These important pillars come crumbling down and hence life becomes a little difficult. Therefore, it is vital to take steps to remedy this situation. 

Sometimes it’s the strained relationship that is responsible for the lack of sex life. Other times its more to do with the day-to-day rut of the life. Stress and anxiety are also to be blamed for lack of sex drive. These things can be remedied by paying proper attention to the mental health. Yoga and meditation are great for controlling stress levels. 

Moreover, there are other things can be done for improving libido. While the serious cases might need to schedule a visit to the top sexologist in Karachi, others can still improve their sex life and libido by making relevant dietary changes.

Food is especially a good aphrodisiac for men since for them, there are other physical factors that need to be catered to to allow for sex to take place to begin with. 

Essentially, since men need better circulation to get an erection, hence, foods that improve the circulation and are better for the health of the heart should be consumed by men trying to improve their sex life. Since Mediterranean diet is very good for the heart, many people recommend doing it for an improved health, sexual and otherwise. 

Some other foods that help in improving libido are enlisted below:  


Chocolate is the easiest form of healthy living. In its unaltered form, chocolate is very healthy as it is a natural food. Chocolate helps to release endorphins which uplifts the mood and hence is very important for people whose sex life is suffering on account of the stresses of the everyday life. 

Moreover, chocolate also releasees serotonin and phenylethylamine, both of which in conjunction help to improve sex-life in its entirety. Furthermore, chocolate is also good for the heart health as well. Improved circulation then improves the sexual performance in men.


Fenugreek might smell not so pleasant, but considering the benefits of the herb, the scent (or rather lack thereof) becomes irrelevant. Fenugreek seeds help to improve sex drive and also the sexual functionality as well. 

These herbs are packed with good compounds that help to boost the production of sex hormones in both men and women. Hence helps to remedy hormonal imbalance issues affecting the sex life. 


Another natural food that helps with the libido is ginseng. Red ginseng is known to be even more effective in remedying problems with libido. 

Women undergoing menopause tend to experience greater issues with their sex life on account of the haywire hormones. According to research, women who took ginseng during menopause had an improvement in their sex drive. 

Similarly, ginseng is also effective for men as well. It also helps in the production of nitric oxide which improves circulation to the penis and thus aids men in getting an erection. 


Not just exotic in name, saffron also has sensual properties as well. It is an aphrodisiac that is especially great for people suffering from libido issues on account of depression. Not only is saffron good for arousal, but also improved lubrication as well. Saffron is also great for erection issues amongst men. 


There are certain fruits that are also very helpful in improving sexual desire. Black raspberries are good for improving stamina and desire. Similarly, watermelon is also alleged to improve circulation in men, and thus is beneficial especially for those who have problems getting erection. Likewise, figs, bananas, avocados are also thought to improve the sex drive. 

The main principle in fruit consumption is enhanced circulation in the body, however, this has yet to be backed up by scientific research. Hence, for people suffering from sexual issues, if fruits are not effective, perhaps it’s best to visit the top sexologist in Islamabad

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