Mark Roemer Oakland Shares How to Make Your Garden More Organic and Eco-Friendlier



A beautiful garden nourishes the soul and does wonders to make you happy and calm. When it is eco-friendly and organic, it also gives you a sense of pride. With the growing concern of contributing to a clean environment, it is our social responsibility to do away with using chemical products that create a toxic atmosphere. Thanks to the ethically sourced materials and innovative technology, it is possible to make your garden an organic haven. In this article, Mark Roemer Oakland shares a few ways to make your garden eco-friendly.

The Ways

  1. Choose materials carefully– Green materials should be a priority on your list when you are sourcing supplies for beautifying your garden. Using recycled materials is a great way to grow a sustainable garden. They not only impart a distinguished look to your garden but bring character and time-worn charm to the setting. Pots, fencing, and furniture made from recycled wood or paving made from recycled concrete aggregate are a good idea too.
  2. Use natural fertilizers– In order to get better blooms in your garden or better produce from your vegetable plants, you must be using fertilizers to boost their growth. Substitute chemical fertilizers with home-made compost made from kitchen scraps like vegetable and fruit peels. Dig a pit, put the peel layer, and then cover it with a soil layer. Continue doing it until the pit is full. The kitchen wastes decompose to give nutrient-rich compost ready to be used in your pots and plants.
  3. Watering the plants– To conserve and prevent the wasting of water, it is important to water your plants wisely. Give your garden a drink in the early morning or evening when the water has a chance to seep in the ground before it evaporates. Conserving rainwater is another smart way to reduce the negative impact on the earth and its resources. Use a rain barrel for the purpose and conserve the partially renewable resource.
  4. Make a home for wildlife– One of the best ways to attract wildlife to your garden is by planting native plants that are sturdier than the exotic ones. Native flowers are easily adaptable to the given environmental conditions and easy to grow and maintain. They attract bees and butterflies that are great for the pollination of flowers. Make your garden more interesting by making bird boxes and inviting them over to create a more natural effect.
  5. Recycle garden wastes- When you tend to a garden you must be aware of the huge amount of waste you gather every day. From fallen leaves to plant trimmings, weeds, grass cuttings, and dried flowers, they make a mound. You can use them as fertilizer to create natural means of helping the garden grow. Natural leaf mold creates nutrient-rich soil and you are left with a dual benefit of fewer landfills and more organic fertilizer.


Modern and smart gardens are better equipped with natural materials to give an eco-friendly ambiance. Mark Roemer Oakland feels that turning your garden into an organic space is the greatest gift you can give back to nature.

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