What Bulk Towels Should I Get?


Getting out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a soft towel is one of the best feelings ever. Allowing your customers to encase themselves in a fluffy hug every time they touch one of your towels makes them feel at home. Feeling at home makes them want to come back and visit you again. Purchasing bulk towels ensures you provide that feeling to your customers every time.

When it comes to towels, personal preference makes a difference when it comes to what people like. However, there are some features of towels that people commonly like. There are so many different towel types available, it is easy to get lost in words like waffle weave and not know which one to pick.

When looking for a towel that is both incredibly soft and absorbent at the same time, you want one that is 100 percent cotton. You also want to make sure that towel has loops that are plush and dense. Cotton terry towels tend to be the softest out of all the different fabrics you can find. The down side to this type of towel is it takes much longer to dry and tends to show wear after being washed. You should always wash your towels before using them. There are often fibers left over after production that are loose and cause the towel to shed. Washing them several times helps get rid of that and makes them absorbent.

If you prefer a towel that is durable and fast drying, you should get one that is a polyester and cotton blend. You may want to consider a fabric that is lighter than the blend and has short loops. Similar to carpets, the loops are called pile. A towel with short loops is also called low pile.

I am sure you have heard the term Turkish cotton, or Egyptian cotton. These towels have fiber that is longer, which helps to make them a little more durable and softer. When thinking about buying bulk towels, you should consider your wants and needs. It may come down to trial and error. You try a towel and see how it stands up to your customer base. If you are looking for somewhere to start and prefer a towel that looks nicer for a longer period of time, a blend may be the best option. However, if you would rather have a soft fluffy towel and you do not mind replacing it often, 100 percent cotton may be the best option.

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