Mark Roemer Oakland Explores Personalized Interior Design Ideas to Make Your House A Home



According to Mark Roemer Oakland, your home should feel like your personal haven; a place that always brings a sense of safety, comfort, and satisfaction. Thus, it only makes sense for you to decorate it in a manner that allows you to showcase your personality. It should be unique, lively, and above all, it should bring a smile to your face.

The Ideas

Here are a few personalized interior design ideas to make your house a home:

  1. Show off your personal collections – Your personal collection can tell a lot about your personality, likes, and dislikes. So, instead of safely storing them in a cupboard or safe, displace your personal collection on a showcase or shelves. You may not even realize how many beautiful and artistic items and accessories you have collected over the years unless you take them all out and display them neatly.

These may be toys, handcrafted items, collector’s items, books, or even special cooking knives!

Every bit of your collected items or some of your favorite gifts can exude a charm of your personality and allow people to learn about your inner self.

  1. Share your talent with everybody – Everybody has a hobby and yours happens to be something related to crafting handmade items and accessories, don’t shy away from flaunting your talent with the world. It doesn’t matter whether you like to create bonsai plants, knit tablecloths and dresses, or make miniature structures of automobiles and automatons. You deserve to share your talent with the world, and you might be surprised by how much it amazes other people.

It offers a creative way to let other people know of your hobbies, strike up a fun conversation, and allows you to decorate your house in a way that complements your personality and style.

  1. Use chalkboards to leave messages – Chalkboards are a very practical and functional interior design item that also acts as an outlet for your creative imagination and emotional ideas. It’s a fun and exciting way to leave important messages for your family members with a touch of love and offers a unique way to add some liveliness into a setting that might be, otherwise, mundane.

Also, be sure to experiment with different colors and be creative to increase the fun and encourage other people to participate in the activity as well.

  1. Display your life story using photos – Every human love to share their life story with the world, although it is rarely an easy experience. Fortunately, a picture is worth a thousand words, and you can decorate your house with some of your favorite photos in exquisite photo frames to share all the beautiful moments of your life.

It not only acts as a unique way to decorate your house but acts as a constant reminder of all the fun and exciting times you have experienced in the past and also acts as a catalyst to evoke nostalgia which may remind you of the joy of living.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you experiment with different decor styles and realize what works the best for you and suits your desire.



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