Mark Roemer Examines Chromebook Shortcuts Everyone Should Know



Chromebooks have made a “laptop” accessible to plenty of students around the United States and have more than enough performance for your daily tasks. According to Mark Roemer, Chromebooks have plenty of shortcuts that can be accessed by a simple Ctrl+Alt+/. However, it opens up a seemingly unending list of shortcuts with functions that are very useful and completely redundant. Going through the list to identify the useful shortcuts can be quite boring and a chore in itself for your eyes. Instead, you can read the list below:

System-Wide Shortcuts

These shortcuts, like the name suggests are applicable throughout the system and can bring you more productivity and efficiency:

  1. Tab shortcuts
  • Ctrl+T: For opening a new tab
  • Ctrl+W: Current tab gets closed
  • Ctrl+Shift+T: Last closed tab gets reopened 
  1. Screenshot – Ctrl + Overview (The button that looks like windows stacked against each other) takes a full screenshot of your Chromebook. It comes handy in multiple situations. From saving your web quiz and homework module to your ranking on an online game. 
  2. Cursor movement and selection
  • Ctrl+arrow keys: Can move the cursor left or right of a word or up or down a line from its current position in a document
  • Shift+arrow keys: Selects text in the direction of movement of the arrow keys one character at a time
  • Shift+Ctrl+arrow keys: Selects text in the direction of movement one word at a time
  1. Options Menu – Alt+Eopens up the options menu in Google apps like Chrome, Files, and more. It’s the menu that pops out when you click on the three dots at the top-left or top-right corner
  2. Screen Zoom
  • Ctrl++: Magnifies and zooms in the currently opened tab
  • Ctrl+-: Can zoom out and minimize the current tab opened in Chrome
  • Ctrl+0: Resets the zoom level of the current tab to 100 percent
  1. Split-Screen
  • Alt+[: Current window gets pinned to the left side of your screen 
  • Alt+]: Current window gets pinned to the right side of your screen 
  • Alt+=: Makes the selected window full width, but not full screen 

Drive/Docs Shortcuts

Google Docs and Google Drive are often used by Chromebook users and their shortcuts may not be exclusive to Chromebook, but their usefulness can’t be undermined. 

  1. Document or File Creation
  • Shift+T: Creates a new Doc file
  • Shift+F: Creates a new Folder
  • Shift+S: Creates a new Sheet
  1. Docs Shortcut
  • Ctrl+\: Clears out weird formatting 
  • Ctrl+Shift+V: Paste copied text without formatting
  • Ctrl+Shift+7: Makes a new numbered list or formats one out of highlighted text
  • Ctrl+Shift+8: Makes a new bulleted list or formats one out of highlighted text
  • Ctrl+Shift+C: brings up word, character, and page count on your screen


Mark Roemer believes that Chromebooks have democratized computers in the education industry. They are reliable machines with decent power and these shortcuts increase your productivity with those devices.

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