Major reasons why men visit escorts


Well, let’s face it, you have hundreds of reasons why any man would prefer to spend some time with an escort. Some of them may be silly ones, while the others are more serious ones. However, you may have several reasons to hire an escort Bern. Some of the reasons are given below:

No more of drama

Well, if you really want to be honest here, then wives and girlfriends come with a lot of responsibilities. Maybe you did something wrong in the past and she is unable to forgive and forget it and she brings it up every now and then or maybe you are fully innocent but she puts the blame on you? Well, but with escorts you have no such agenda. Yes, my friends, with escorts, you don’t literally have to care about anything. They don’t care what you do, whether you are married or not or anything about your personal life and past. They are not paid for that. They are just there to serve you in the manner you want.

Busy schedules

In life, sometimes a person may be just too busy for a serious relationship. They want to be free, constantly exploring or have a goal to reach in life. So, going for a serious relationship or marriage is certainly not their preference. However, it doesn’t mean they cannot have fun. Escort services are available to bring you fun and excitement. You can enjoy the girlfriend experience without all the whining and crying of when will we meet again? Escorts don’t cling and they are understanding. They will only visit you if you want them to come.

So, if you are too busy in your life but may need some fun once in a while, then escort Bern services are for you.


This one point here is for all those men who have had failure in relationships. If you have just been rejected or have suffered from a breakup and you need a change, then hiring an escort could be the best option for you. An escort knows what they are getting paid for and thus, you can proceed for a kiss or sex without any hesitation. She will treat you like royalty and would do anything to make you happy.

To fulfill your fantasies

Not all married men are happy. There are a number of sexual desires and fantasies which you cannot share with your wife or girlfriend for instance trying different sex positions or threesome. Your partner may not be comfortable with them. However, an escort will have no problem with it. She can help you try as many sex positions you want, and turn your wildest fantasies to reality.

To bring a chance to your monotonous life

If your life is too monotonous and you want to add some zing or spark to it, then hire an escort for it. She will bring adventure, fun and excitement to your life. 

These are some of the reasons why a man would choose an escort.


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