Maintenance Tips of your Swimming Pool Pump


The Swimming Pool Pumps are considered the heart of the pools and that’s why you need to do proper maintenance of your swimming pools by doing some basic practices as often suggested by the experts.

The primary job of any swimming pool pump is to—

  • Suck the water from the pool and pass it through a filter and pump the clean water back to the pool.
  • The purpose of installing the pool pump is not only to keep the water clean but to make it germ-free and healthy for the next batch of swimmers.

Even during the off-season, maintaining the pool pumps are strongly advised by professional plumbers.

Though swimming pool maintenance is a year-round process and it must be done under expert supervision, property owners can try a few simple steps DIY to maintain their pool pumps.

Tips for maintaining your swimming pool pump

Lubrication is mandatory for a fully functioning pump even during the off-season

  • Fully functional swimming pool pumps need to get lubricated even during the off-season for better performance and boosting longevity.
  • Use high-quality lubricants to prevent moisture leaks from pipe joints or seals and to protect the body of the pump from external damages.
  • Top manufacturers produce non-corrosive metals to build the pumps. However, using an extra layer of protection is always beneficial to protect both internal parts and the external body of the swimming pool pumps.

Ample space for proper Air-Circulation 

Check whether the swimming pool water motor has ample space to acquire proper air circulation for optimal operation.

Even if you have created a shelter above the pump room, the surroundings should have sufficient space to allow the pump to breathe and avoid the consequences of overheating.

Replace the filters

Swimming pool filters should be replaced once a year or considering the use. Buy the optimum quality swimming pool filters online as you shop for the best submersible water pumps for aquariums in the unimaginable price range.

Get in touch with an expert for diagnosing the health of your swimming pool pump to enhance the longevity of the water motor.

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