Free Cooling Technology for Industrial Air Conditioning


The leading manufacturers of precision air conditioners pay great attention to the problem of saving power supply. They take advantage of all possible ways – both technological and managerial, as well as the peculiarities of the climate in certain regions. You can save energy by improving the efficiency of air conditioning. To achieve this, there are three directions:

  • more efficiently distribute the cooled air in the room;
  • to achieve the most rational design of precision air conditioners, which will increase their efficiency and help avoid unnecessary energy losses;
  • use the features of a particular climatic zone, which can simply be an inexhaustible source of energy.

Coordinated work of all components and assemblies of the industrial air conditioning system, constant monitoring of the climatic situation is very important here. It is also necessary that precision air conditioners harmoniously change their work to eliminate certain overheating zones. The third area is the most energy-efficient, a technology called a free cooling chiller. It is already popular around the world.

A feature of the temperate continental climate zone is the low air temperatures outside during the cold season. But, for example, in countries with a tropical climate, cold temperatures are quite rare. Therefore, in contrast to them, we can simply use cold air from the street to cool a server or technical room in the winter season.

In this case, the industrial air conditioning system does not require a lot of energy to remove excess heat. Since external cold air is used to cool the refrigerant, and the power consumption of the compressor is not wasted. This technology is called free cooling air cooled chiller. In the operating mode using cold outside air, the air conditioner can switch automatically when it reaches a sufficiently low temperature of this air.

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