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Does everything on your website flow smoothly and streamline each visitors experience? Are you getting optimal visibility on search engines? These are a few questions any site owner needs to explore in order to determine the SEO friendliness of their page.

Let’s explore what determines good SEO practices and whether you should consider a web design company to help get your website the search engine attention it deserves.

Are All URL Structures Up to Date?

Each time you update your page, the structure of each and every URL ideally will be formatted the identically. Essentially all URLs should have the same hypertext markup, domain (.com, .net, etc.) and path. This is a highly prized setup amid the realm of SEO optimization, just be sure to update your sitemap, too.

Are URL Changes Properly Redirected for Visitors?

Improper redirects can cause your SEO to plummet, as site guests will not know where to go if your URL changes, has been removed, or doesn’t exist anymore, and search engines pick up on the dead end and drop. Both issues can impact the site’s rankings negatively. Redirecting URLs—even in groups or sections—can be time consuming, but it’s essential to SEO rankings.

Are Pages and Descriptions the Same?

Pages should be uniform even after a website migration, so they should contain the same information but have a different look. It’s okay to update information or rewrite it, but make sure the essential nuts and bolts of the original page are still in place.

If You Migrated Your Site, Did You Keep the Same HTML Markups?

If your site has headers (H1s, H2s, H3s, etc.), then your updated site will ideally maintain those same tags. This helps keep the site fluid with any updates and maintains the optimization your writing team and designers worked hard to implement.

Need Help? Contact a Web Design Company

If you have answered ‘“No” to one or more of the above questions, consider employing a reputable web design company who can help you successfully migrate your website to enhance the user experience and boost SEO rankings.


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