11 Storytelling Tips Through Video Content For Startups


Getting the attention of your intended viewers could be quite a challenge especially for our age where people would prefer reading or watching less while gaining more. One of the best things you can do is to start up your business or your platform through storytelling through video content. A video production company Los Angeles can help you achieve the quality videos you hope to present. Here are some 11 tips to keep in mind for your video content.

Tell Your Story

People would like to know where you come from with your product. Tell the story of how it started and what may have inspired you to present your innovative ideas. You might find someone who could share your cause and be your walking advertisement.

Have an Attitude

Different people have different problems and perhaps fostering the proper brand attitude with stories surrounding them could inspire someone. Take Nike as an example. Its youtube channel provides a community of support for cancer-stricken patients through its product.

Right to Write

Creativity in expression especially when promoting your brand is necessary especially if you would want to reach out to a particular society or culture. Your startup can try expressing itself in the language and culture to be more appealing and relatable. Use common words and not much jargon.

Quality vs Quantity

Having one quality video is better than multiple low-quality ones. Make sure that your specific audience would feel that the video speaks to them and their generation.

Engage the Viewer

Your viewers would relate to your product with more interest if it engages and inspires them. Does your viewer feel like the product speaks to them directly? The way you arrange your video to make them feel like they are in the scene with you could engage them at a personal level.

Answer Your Why

The success of every enterprise is finding your big ‘Why’. Your potential customers would be interested in that. Is there a big ‘Why’ behind your product? What does it seek to achieve? What does it stand for?

Create Brand Happiness

Engaging your audience with a culture of happiness surrounding your product would help attract a lot of people to get into the trend. Have the product in your video speak to them of joy in having it or in engaging with you and your platforms. There is certain wisdom behind joy attracting a lot of people.

Brand Fans

Your best advertisement would be your customers. In this case, your brand fans. Having them as part of your video content would engage your potential customers with authentic witnesses of your unique brand culture.

Company Values

Does your company or business stand for something? Are there certain values you stand for which your company supports such as humanitarian activities? Engaging your audience with a potential humanitarian outreach by supporting you can attract a lot of like-minded individuals who would like to contribute in a small way to making the world a better place.

Bring out the Hero

Your customers are heroes in the making and making them feel like a hero with your product should be your goal in the hopes of getting their support and customer loyalty.

Content Strategy

Last but not least, we couldn’t deny the need for great content strategy. Tell the essentials of your story unique to your audience and the type of product you present. Certain startups would require an educational approach while others work best with personal stories surrounding what your product stands for. Your video production company Los Angeles can guide you with this along with your engaging strategies for your various audiences.


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