Is Food poisoning a valid Worker’s compensation Claim?


Doing a job is never easy. The job usually comes with lots of risks, hazards, and unknown issues. From heavy machinery, violence to chemicals, heavy lifting and inclement weather conditions, an employee has a lot of risks at the workplace. If a worker is working under these circumstances, having risks are usually obvious. Apart from it, there are a lot of unknown issues that come in your way. Usually, a lot of people eat food at their workplaces and they do not consider it as a risk factor, but poisoning from the food can result in unbearable pain and can easily be counted under worker’s compensation.

When you step out of the world, the risks of getting hurt gets almost doubled up. But if any such thing happens at the workplace, you can easily claim for the damage and loss happened. The food poisoning can come under the act if you have eaten or drink something while doing any work-related activity. If you have not eaten or drunk anything while performing the work-related activities then it does not comes under the worker’s compensation law. In this article, I have mentioned certain examples that will make things more clearly for you.

Valid Worker’s compensation Cases of Food poisoning:

First of all, it is important to keep one thing in mind that you must be doing or performing work-related activities at the time of drinking or eating contaminated food.

Does your employer get benefited from it?

You should endure that whether your employer gets the benefit out of it. Suppose, your job is just to taste the food, so the employer will get the benefit out of it. Then, of course, you can claim for the worker’s compensation for the loss happened. This thing usually happens at places such as bartenders, servers, restaurant cooks, food bloggers, food critics, etc.

Does the food is provided by your employer?

If your employer provides the food at the workplace, you can easily claim the damages that happened. Or, if you had eaten the food at a mandatory meeting, you can also claim for the loss happened. In case, if you had the food that you brought from your home and you have eaten at your desk, you cannot claim for it.

It can confuse you completely whether to apply for it or not. Simple get up and get the help of and you will know your case in a better way.

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