How to search for a soccer agent?


An agent becomes an integral part of the life of the player so you shouldn’t be quick in choosing them. They become your fiscal and legal advisers and publicize you at the same time. Ensure you sign a contract with your agent so that you can rely on them completely. Some of the tips to keep in mind while looking for a soccer agent are:


  • Where to look: There are two ways to look for a soccer agent- offline and online.


Offline: You can ask the football players, coaches and get in touch with different agencies near you to find a reliable and good agent. Seeking recommendations is a great offline method.

Online: You can also look for agents online. Search for soccer agencies and agents near you or look out for the FIFA agent list. You can contact different agencies online and shortlist the ones you find feasible for you. 


  • Find the agent who suits you perfectly


Before you give your career in an agent’s hand, you should make sure that he is someone you can trust upon. Also find out about the different categories of agents. Make sure you find out about their past and check on their references and people with whom they have worked before. It is important that you be careful to avoid any fraudulent attempts.


  • The contract


When you are searching for a soccer agent, you are trust them with your future career and you need to count on them for everything. It is important that you negotiate their fees and commission before hiring them. Thus, you should make a contract and remember of an agent is valid for a period of 2 years. You can either have one agent or hire two or more agents at one time in different nations. The contract termination depends on the clauses. Also mention any specific details if you demand from your agent. Mention clauses in cases of breach. Learn about player agent contract and then proceed.


  • Responsibilities of an agent


The job of a soccer agent is to handle the business and financial side of it and to always work in the best interest of your client. He is also responsible to find a club for his player and negotiate contracts with different clubs and endorsements. He should also possess fiscal management abilities and law knowledge. He should get good sponsors for his player.


  • Be aware of your rights


As a soccer agent, you need to be well-aware of your rights. There are several organizations and institutes which safeguard your interest. If you end up with any problem or complications, then FIFPro is a global representative organization to support professionals. You can also contact Football Association and discuss your rights with them. The organizations will safeguard your interest and protect your rights as an agent.

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