Why is SEO Trendy in this Digital World?


First of all, the biggest reason why SEO measures are essential is that every company needs continuous customer attraction. In particular, the point of “continuousness” is significant. For example, even if you increase access to your website, you can improve access by advertising such as listing advertisements and advertisements on SNS. From the perspective of attracting future customers with potential needs = prospective customers; therefore, the SEO company offers complete SEO packages and takes care of regular updates.

However, the weakness that is generally common to most of these methods of attracting customers other than SEO is that they are “temporary methods of attracting customers.”

For example, when attracting customers through TV commercials or Internet advertisements. The effect of attracting customers will naturally decline once the period in which the ad is placed is over, and the same is valid for holding seminars and events. While stable customer attraction is desired over the long term, in most cases, the continuity of the effect cannot be expected for customers other than SEO. A website design company offer you a well-designed website that improves SEO.

On the other hand, the effects of Digital Marketing Services measures are not temporary but last for months to sometimes years. If you can create the content required by search users and get a high ranking in search engines, you can expect continuous customer attraction.

  • Digital Ads

Moreover, while advertisements and events incur costs each time, creating a situation where they are displayed at the top once.

It is possible to continuously attract customers at an overwhelmingly low cost compared to other methods of attracting customers. . From the aspect of cost performance, we can see that SEO measures are becoming more and more important for attracting customers.

“Two points” when implementing Search Engine optimization measures

Search Engine optimizationmeasures can be generally divided into “internal measures” and “external measures”. These are measures taken inside the website and actions taken outside the site. The former is called “content SEO” and is sometimes explained separately from internal measures.

  • Keywords

To improve the quality of your content, you start by deciding what keywords (needs) you want to attract prospective customers. Once you have a few pieces of content, organize them by category, set up links to related content, and set up leads to make it easier for users to take action that suits their wants.

  • Back linking

External measures are mainly measures to increase the external evaluation of websites. Particularly, it is possible to boost the number of links (backlinks) that are of course made from trusted external websites to the websites under the company’s influence. It has been proved from the past results that if the article itself is of high quality and you want to share it, the number of backlinks to your company’s website will increase, and it will also be advantageous for improving the search ranking.

In the past, black hat Search Engine optimization such as buying backlinks, launching a site only to make easy backlinks and making a lot of links from there was rampant. There was a time until current years, but now it is said that it only just functions and has no effect as Search Engine optimization with the evolution of crawlers and algorithms. The quality of the search engine has also improved, and it is now possible to check the quality of the content itself (whether it is a link that is naturally drawn from a standard site), not the number of connections, and reflect it in the evaluation.

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