How to register and be part of the eToro community?

eToro community

eToro is the best copy trading broker in the market. Their mission is to make trading accessible and the creation of a strong community has helped them to achieve their goals.

Registering and starting to be part of a lively group of investors of all parts of the world and with all levels of expertise is very easy!

Create an account, make an eToro minimum deposit, and start trading today!

Why start trading with eToro?

eToro has an international reputation that precedes them. With the mission of making trading available to new sectors of the population, their tools are designed to make their platform accessible and intuitive, as well as creating educational tools that make trading approachable.

Is eToro regulated? The good news is yes. In fact, it has licenses from different financial regulators like CySEC and FCA. For more information, you can read more about this on Wikitoro which has lots of eToro facts and guides.

If you’re giving your first steps into the world of online trading, eToro is your best bet to make sure you start making a profit at the same time you begin learning how markets react, what are the best investments and discover the many charts that can help you make the best investments.

eToro abides by regulations in Europe, the UK, and Australia. The entities in charge of regulating brokers and trading are in place to guarantee the safety of the users and their money.

Social Trading Community with eToro: how to get started?

eToro is the number one online broker for social trading. Their platform offers great features for those interested in getting started with copy trading, a very trendy strategy that has become very popular in recent years.

In fact, eToro has been awarded the title of best copy trading broker in 2020.

Social trading is an innovative method of investing that was a natural development of trading moving to the online world. The revolution of social media had an impact on the way we share information and relate to others on the internet, and normally, this was translated into trading.

The original idea was to be able to discuss and imitate other traders’ strategies, share stories of success, and tips. eToro transformed this into what we know today as copy trading.

With copy trading, newer traders or beginners (but not only!) can copy operations, deals, or strategies from more experienced traders that broadcast their moves in the market.

There are clear advantages to this. First of all, it’s an obvious educational tool that new traders should use to learn about markets they may not be familiar with. Second, with due research, it’s a strong method to improve your chances of making a profit.

While it’s not the only investment strategy in the market, it has become very popular. Since it gives beginners a better sense of control on their investment and helps them predict what may happen, it has proven to be very useful too.

Register with eToro: step by step

All you have to do is create an account on eToro and choose a payment method that is how you’re going to make your deposits.

The next step is to find the traders you’re going to start copying. This research should not be taken lightly, make sure you are copying the movements of a reliable trader with a lengthy record of experience in the market.

Once you have decided on the traders you want to copy, the platform allows you to automatically copy them. The process will ask you what percentage of your funds you want to allocate to the operations, and once you click on accept, the copy trading will start.

Finally, you should regularly monitor your account. You can decide to stop copying a specific trader or modify things to your liking.