How to Protect Your Identity While Playing at Online Casinos

Playing at Online Casinos

Online casinos have become extremely popular over the past few years, and this has drawn attention to issues that can occur online, like identity theft. When signing up to online casinos, you usually have to give information such as your name, date of birth and credit card information if you want to use all the features of the sites. Casinos have to know whether players are allowed to play on their sites and are credit worthy. Unfortunately, unscrupulous individuals are after information like this, and you need to take certain measures to ensure your identity and money are protected.  

Only use licensed online casinos

If you sign up for an unregistered or unlicensed online casino, it may be running illegal activities and the site could easily be hacked. If you want to avoid issues like identity theft, you should only become a member of a fully licensed casino. Parx Interactive, where you can play casino games for real money, is a fully licensed casino which means that regulatory authorities ensure compliance with measures to keep your identity and your money safe.

Find out what online security measures casinos use

In 2020, there were nearly a million and a half complaints for identity theft filed with the Federal Trade Commission and online identity theft statistics have increased significantly since then. In order to protect their reputations and fulfill their license requirements, the best online casinos use cutting-edge technology to encrypt personal information and financial transaction records. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption means data can’t be stolen during transmission.

You can also increase security by signing up for your account using a strong password and keeping your information safe. Change your password frequently and never share your login information. 

Read the terms and conditions

The terms and conditions on an online casino website state the responsibilities and liabilities of both players and the casino. A casino has a responsibility to keep your personal information safe while keeping you entertained. Make sure the casino can’t use your personal information or exchange it with an unsolicited third party.  

Choose your payment method wisely

Don’t use unfamiliar payment methods offered by unlicensed casinos, as you may find your funds are diverted. Rather stick to reputable payment methods offered by licensed casinos, such as PayPal, Skrill, Visa, and MasterCard. If you want to pay from your iPhone but it’s not working, avoid DIY on iPhone because it will probably result in further damage. Leaving it to skilled professionals will probably cost you less. By taking full advantage of the trial period casinos offer, you can become fully acquainted with all aspects of playing on the site and protect your identity and money before you decide to join.

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