Ways to Improve Customer Service While Shopping in a Traditional Store and Why Big Berkey Water Filter is an Essential 


Brick and mortar stores are dying in recent years. People rely on online stores to provide everything they need. The current pandemic even hastened the death of many traditional stores. It doesn’t mean you have to give up your business. You can start online operations but continue your regular store. Improving customer service is an excellent way to retain the loyalty of your base. Making them feel welcomed upon arrival at the store would give them a reason to stay. Start by providing clean drinking water. It’s essential in every store. Let your customers relax, and some of them might need water to quench their thirst. It helps if you have the big Berkey water filter. It guarantees the cleanliness of the drinking water. Apart from offering something to drink, these are the other ways to improve customer service.

Make it easy to shop

Shopping doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Online shopping is already stress-free and convenient. If you want to entice people to come to your store, you should make it easy for them to shop. Organize the shelves well. Place clear labels to make it easy for everyone to shop and avoid confusion. You can also employ more staff to assist customers.

Give away freebies 

You need to offer more than what’s already available. It’s the best way to entice more people to come and buy. Freebies are an excellent idea. They also make customers feel like you’re not only after getting profits. You also care about what everyone gets from visiting the store. Provide membership privileges

To guarantee that you will have recurring customers, it helps if you can provide membership privileges. Those who are willing to sign up will get the bonuses. They’re also first in line if there are announcements and other details. You might have to spend more to provide privileges and bonuses, but it’s okay. You’re retaining customer loyalty and guarantee that customers keep combover back.

Improve your customer service center

The store needs to have a customer service center to assist people who need help. You should have plenty of staff to cater to the needs of your customers. Some of them have complaints about their experience, and you should be there to extend help. Whether it’s about damaged goods, incorrect price, membership issues, and many others, the customer service has to be responsive. Even your hotlines should also offer more assistance. Please don’t make people hold the line for a long time before getting back to them. It isn’t very pleasant, and will probably turn customers off. Hire people who can handle issues and make the customers feel well.

Make the store friendly to people with disabilities and seniors 

You might have customers with disabilities or are already old. Make sure they have a wonderful experience while shopping. Place signs that are visible enough for people with sight issues. It would help if you also had a ramp and enough elevator to accommodate the number of customers, including those in wheelchairs. You can also assign staff to assist those who couldn’t do independent shopping.

Use traditional marketing tactics

There was a time when brick and mortar stores were vibrant. They were the go-to places of families and groups of friends. The excitement these stores bring is incomparable. There are product demos, free tasting, performances, and many others. An employee also greets everyone upon arrival and after shopping. Take your customers back to memory lane, and they will love visiting the store. In today’s world of modernity, it’s nice to take a step back and have a unique experience.

Use modern tools

Although you want to take people back the memory lane, you can still give them a modern shopping experience. For instance, you can provide scanners to provide details about the product when scanned. You can also use an interactive app that makes the shopping experience easy and comfortable. Self-checkout is also getting popular among stores these days. It helps hasten the process. Cashless shopping should also be a priority, and it starts by accepting different payment methods.

Health-related equipment should also be available. It includes a digital thermometer the scans everyone who gets in. Having free hand sanitizers in various corners would also be useful. Many people are afraid of shopping in a regular store due to the pandemic, and having these features is helpful.

Value customer feedback

There are other ways to improve the customer experience while shopping. Getting feedback is necessary. It tells you what else you can do to elevate the shopping experience. You can ask some staff to conduct surveys inside the store. An online survey would also be useful. Allow customers not only to provide ratings but detailed feedback too. You might be surprised by the number of people who are willing to share their thoughts.

Take the feedback seriously. Consider the most common issue the customers face and act on it right away. Otherwise, you will lose your loyal base. They count in you to be more responsive. It’s also the least you can do to reward those who continue buying from your store despite other options.

Don’t ignore trends

There are only a few surviving traditional stores these days. All of them are looking for ways to survive. Competition is tough, and innovation is at the heart of every company. You should check out what other companies are doing to attract attention, including your competitors. They might be doing something effective that you can also follow. It doesn’t mean that you will succeed, but you don’t want to be left out. Failing to adjust to the trends led to the failure of several businesses, including the big ones. You don’t want to regret your decision to be very traditional in your approach.

Meeting the needs of your customers is essential. Listen to them and adjust even if it’s hard. Traditional stores can still survive, but you have to make changes. Some of them have to be quick and costly but are worth it.