How magicians do tricks with a deck of cards?


Do you know why magic is called illusion? Well, the reason for this is that magic is actually an illusion where your eyes get beaten by some cheating and trickery. Like if you take the case of cards tricks and notice every single detail with great attention then you will notice one thing. The cards that are used by the magicians are marked in some way or the other. Like for example some cards can be marked via invisible ink or it can be marked by minute color patter or even some small etching towards the corners of the cards. Thus if you are into card tricks then better get a deck of marked cards.

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How trickery can work in a game of poker?

On the other hand if you are into poker then also you may use these types of marked cards as well. These type if cards will help you to keep track of the game and also this will ensure that no one is cheating on the board except for you. These cards are made in such a way that people with a great eye to detail can only catch you in the act. Thus to overcome this only loophole in these cards, companies have come up with some technological aspect as well. For example many brands have come up with a whole set up with which you can play a trick in a game of poker. The setup comes with eye wear that identifies the marked cards then there is the mobile app that analyzes the probability and possibility of the remaining cards and lastly the earpiece that gets the direction to the user. This whole setup can help you cheat in a game if poker other than only normally marked cards.

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