Discovering India By Trains For A Memorable Experience


India is one of the most popular countries for traveling in Asia. It is so diverse that it is also known as a subcontinent in itself. Many who have visited the nation continuously, say that one life is not enough to explore its main parts properly, let alone the entire nation. But traveling most part of it that are highly popular for their own reasons is possible by flights, roadways and train.

Most tourists in India use train for moving from one place to another. In fact, travel by train in Asia is an economic mode of commuting that also helps in understanding the local culture and people. Especially in India, traveling by train once is a must do for all travellers who visit the subcontinent.

How to ensure an enjoyable train journey?

There are a few do’s and don’ts that every traveller must know when booking a train ticket.

  1. Research: Before booking the ticket, thorough research must be done to ensure that among many trains crossing the destination station, which one gives the best comfort at the right fare. There are many different categories of the train and then there are further various categories of seats to sit and berths to sleep. The slowest trains are Passenger Trains, then there are Fast Trains, Express Trains, Super-Fast Trains, Rajdhani, Janshtabadi, Luxury Trains and so on. Options are many, but the selection is up to the traveller.
  2. Tickets: The train tickets should always be bought on one’s own name from either the railway ticket counter or from a certified travel agency or online. The details of the traveller must be entered correctly and the personal identity document’s reference number should also be mentioned for reference; when traveling later. There will be a lot of touts roaming around who would promise a ticket that will give a reserved seat or berth, but they must never be trusted.
  3. Traveling: One should always check the train timings online and be at the railway station 20 minutes before the train is to arrive. Being at the right train boarding platform is essential because there are mostly Foot-Over-Bridges that connect each platform with another. It takes time to move to the right platform if a traveller has stepped into the wrong one. Hence, having the right platform is essential. Once in the train, getting the correct seat or berth and then settling is the key to an enjoyable journey. Yes, traveling light is advised too.

Getting a seat right next to the window is pretty joyous as a lot of things can be seen conveniently, which is not possible otherwise. There will be crowd in slow-moving trains, but then that is a part of the train journeys in India.


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