Hassle-Free Solo Ads Services for PPC


Many people are not aware about solo ads traffic. Solo ads traffic is a full novice and highly scalable PPC i.e. pay per click traffic source. It differs a lot from other red tape intensive self-serving PPC networks such as Facebook and Google Adwords. There are many good solo ads that convert which they are offering. There are many 3 types of main offer which they provide and they are as follows –

Offers by Solo Ads

The first offers comprise of a $100 plan in which you get more than 490++ clicks. There is 10% over the delivery along with 40% opt. Also, you will get 85% tier1 and single follow up. If you want help then you also get the help of the customer service 24/7.

Get 1000 Clicks

The best solo ads provider is also offering 1000 clicks in a $200 plan. And you get in these 999+ clicks. Plus, you will get an over the delivery of 10% with the same 40% opts along with tier 1 which will be 85%. There will be one 1 follow up. You will get complete assistance by the executive who can attend you for 24 hours and 7 days.

Premium Plan the Best Plan

In this plan which is for $300, you will get 1600 clicks and the over-delivery will be 10%. Also, you will get 40% to opt which will be with 85% tier 1. Follow will be 1 and 24/7 support from the customer care executive.

Prospects & their Demands

The prospects are always ready to purchase and their demand is very high. And the only reason for the same is that they want to create their online business and also want to develop it. So, they are flooding. And if you think for how long these prospects have been around, and then let me tell you that it’s too long and the reason is that they feel very practical about their purchasing options which they choose with the best solo ads. The leads are all invested sincerely. And one thing that this service provider ensures is that there are no rusty leads.

Extra Features

The services offered by solo ads traffic is a guaranteed one. And you will never face any kind of hazards. In the PPC you will get the changes which you make or choose and also the solo ads traffic ensures that you don’t suffer after paying for the solo advertisements.

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