Nowadays traveling to a place using GPS has become a common thing. So, now try to play with this GPS technology. Give a try this new GPS-based game called Geocaching. In this adventure game, players play this game by using GPS to spot several hidden treasures and caches across the world. A box or bucket that holds some tokens and logbooks is usually known as a cache. The whole game is very easy as it is just finding a cache and leaving a cache, for playing this game. Some cities and states are promoting Geocaching exploration to attract cache followers.

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  • Signup on to the Geocaching website, by providing your profile details for site access. Enter the details of your treasure hunting area with correct coordination, or use pin codes of your location.
  • You can browse the details of various available caches in your area. You can also start your cache hunt if you are interested. Provide your location coordination to know more about your area cache details. You can start your exploration by using the hints left by the cache hider and move forward towards the treasure.
  • The cache may be hidden in a rural environment or urban area. Based on the location of the cache hidden, you may need to use a topographic map for finding the route.
  • You might not get a clear view of the path through your cache while using GPS, so try MapBlast for a more detailed view of the path. This MapBlast is available on the Geocaching website.
  • When you are going to start your treasure hunt go will all the required things like you are taking for a hike. Take a compass with you to guide you when you lost the GPS signal, you can reach near to the cache to around a mile distance after that you may use this compass if needed.
  • Once you’re nearly 100 feet away from your cache, believe in your perception to guide you, rather than just concentrating on your gadget. Search near the best hiding places like the Rocky Mountains or under tree stumps.
  • Record your experience on the logbook when you got any cache. In case you get any treasure in that place, make sure that you are leaving some of them in that same place.
  • Also, once you got the Cache post the details on the Geocaching website so that the cache’s owner could notice it.

Geocaching is the best way to add thrill to your trip. You can also do some responsible work during your treasure hunt, if you find any non-biodegradable litter near the cache; you can throw them in a dustbin. It will be a good step towards making an eco-friendly environment. When you do this type of activity during your hunt, this will encourage other Geocachers also.

There are several different types of caching themes like EarthCache. This EarthCache will teach you more about geology and geography. The geological society of the USA was sponsoring this sort of cache. This type of GPS treasure hunt is the best time to pass for the weekend with your friends and families. You can go for this treasure hunt in any area near you. Get used to this latest treasure hunt.


  • Take some first aid kit with you.
  • Take some water and food.
  • Take some ropes, digging materials, extra batteries, torch lights, etc.

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