Glazing Tapes Creating Wonderful Windows And Doors


The term glazing refers to the process of installation of glass into a window. Glazing tapes are commonly used across the window manufacturing industry to make the process easier. Whether it is for commercial or residential purposes, glazing tapes are an absolute requirement for all types of window installations. They are usually acrylic foam-based tapes that stick easily to surfaces such as glass, aluminium or wood. Thus making them perfect solutions for installing glass on all kinds of frames. With increasing urbanization, greater demands and varying needs, glazing tapes nowadays come in a lot of makes and types. Let’s have a better look at glazing tapes and their various aspects.

  • Materials and Features:

These glazing tapes use special grade polyethylene foam that is specifically designed for adhesive coating applications. These acrylic foam double-sided glazing tapes use a pressure-sensitive adhesive. They come with high binding strength for surfaces such as vinyl, glass, and aluminium. They are tough and tear-resistant and are easier to apply and remove thus minimizing the chance of liner wear and tear during installation. They can be made

  • As double-sided glazing tapes with acrylic adhesive on both sides to bond with aluminium vinyl and glass surfaces.
  • With acrylic adhesive on one side (liner side) and rubber-based adhesive on the other side to bond with surfaces such as vinyl or aluminum.
  • Irrespective of the adhesive types they use these tapes are highly durable and strong and are perfect for all the applications.
  • Applications and Uses:

These glazing tapes are commonly available for use as standard window and door glazing tapes and Structural Tapes. They create a seal either on the inside or outside of a window sash or a door, thereby preventing water and air leakage. Usually, they are used in aluminum and vinyl windows and doors. However, their use is not limited to only vinyl or aluminum surfaces. They can be used with wooden surfaces as well. The most common applications involve applying the glazing tapes to sash lineage before their cutting and seaming. Another way to use these glazing tapes is to apply them to the glass first, and then inserting the glass into the finished sash. The glass window and door manufacturers have evolved various methodologies of using these tapes for perfectly finished windows and doors. Consult an expert near you today and find out what will be best for your doors and windows.

  • Glaring Benefits:

The glass window and door manufacturing industry finds a lot of benefits in using the glazing tapes.

  • These glazing tapes provide a strong everlasting bonding of the glass with their respective sash and frames. Thus, creating strong and durable windows and doors that can last a lifetime.
  • They are cheap and easily available and are highly cost-effective and labour-intensive.
  • They are easy to use while installation and does not need any specialized skills for their application.
  • They are UV resistant, heat and oxidation resistant and are free from any possibilities of wear and tear.

For all your glass windows and doors use these high-quality glazing tapes and stay worry-free for a lifetime.

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