Decorative ideas to decorate your curtains


Transform plain curtains into fashionable design. With some simple tasks and little effort, you may remodel your windows treatment for a dramatic ambiance in a proper dining room or a romantic bedroom layout.

  1. The two-colour curtain is converted into a fashionable assertion with three toned cloth and pearl bearded centres. It’s smooth to recreate.
  • Sew a beaded trim with pearl beads onto the outer edge of the curtain.
  • Collect the curtain in a tieback pattern and fasten your flower and pearl tie back.
  • Add a silver and white sheer to finish the contact beauty.
  1. A fun look for any curtains is the addition of pompom trim.
  • Select a colour that contrasts or matches the curtains.
  • Add on a dramatic theme with a complementary coloration, along with blue and orange, pink and inexperienced, or yellow and red.
  • For a kid’s bedroom or playroom, do not forget to use multi colored pom poms for an amused, thrilling curtains decoration.
  1. If your curtains are not quite so formal, you can use satin scrunchie bows to often depth and contrast to your plain curtains. Consider other fabric selections, such a plaid for a den, stripes for boys’ bedroom, or pattern fabric for a master bedroom.
  2. Dress up simple curtains with a striped scarf swag and a stable coloured headband coated with a mild coloured material. This is appropriate for a dining room, bedroom or living rooms.
  • Add a massive, twisted, rope cords to imitate the curve of the headscarf style.
  • Measure enough length to fit over the back and front of the swag rod.
  • Secure the ropes with an appealing slip knot. Allow sufficient rope length to assist outsized elegant tassels.
  • Don’t forget to add a shear behind the curtains to complete the excellent window remedy to back design.
  1. A clean manner to add a little glam to a simple curtain window remedy is with acrylic beads. If you are searching out a superb addition to a bedroom, living rooms, dining rooms, or may be a stylish bathroom, this tie back fashion will create an exquisite reflective floor. You may make this form of tieback:
  • Use huge clean acrylic beads of various styles and sizes.
  • String the beads on an elastic twine for smooth utility.
  • If your décor fashion is boho, pick out multi-coloured beads and have amusing making a unique one of a day tieback design.
  1. Transform plain curtains into a special handcraft appearance with a stylish ribbon. Pick out a trim this is extensive sufficient to supplement the curtain length. You will need the colour to stand out toward the curtain’s colours, so search for some thing significantly lighter or darker or complementary to curtains. This is a great look for a window in your kitchen or for a bedroom window. Set your sewing system to a go or by a professional to stitch pinnacle stitch to preserve that handmade look.
  2. Plain curtains can be converted for a little girl bedrooms fairyland appearance and a glam search for a teenager or person bedroom by means of including tulle fabric to the hemline.

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