Dangerous Infractions On The Wheel



They are the most common cause of both injuries and injuries – it causes 29% of them, 7,634 – on inter-urban roads and accidents with fatalities – 37% in some European countries. Within this section, you can include from infractions such as  ‘ use the mobile phone behind the wheel ‘- fined 200 euros and the withdrawal of 3 points  to’ drive a vehicle without taking care of the proper placement of the objects or any animal transported to stop not interfere with driving ‘- a fine of 80 euros.

Anti Regulatory Advancements

The infractions in this category include overtaking vehicles on the right which attracts fine up to 200 euros- or, if you do on the left, overcoming another car endangering those who circulate in the opposite lane -200 euros and four points-, overtake a vehicle that has already started passing a third party -200 euros.

Negligent Driving

It is considered as such “driving creating a situation of risk or danger to himself, the other occupants of the vehicle or other road users.” This involves neglecting rubber speed humps and cable ramp. You can sanction as negligent driving -200 euros- many behaviors: for example, overtaking a vehicle without leaving just space to return to your lane.

The Wrong Turns

This category includes infractions such as not giving way at an intersection to those vehicles that are approximate to the right, not respecting the preference of those who circulate through a roundabout when accessing it. Both are sanctioned with 200 euros and the withdrawal of 4 points – and even others such as making changes of direction in places not allowed -200 euros and 3 points.

 Reckless Driving

For an infraction to be sanctioned as reckless driving, the conduct must have endangered some other user or forced the latter to perform a maneuver to avoid an accident; it is also endorsed as reckless driving if several infractions concur at the same time ».


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