Why Choose Axitrader – AxiTrader review


The following is an AxiTrader review of why Pro traders choose Axitrader as their trading investment place and trade with large capital on Axitrader.

Non-dealing desk-type broker

Axitrader operates purely with a non-dealing desk, so Axitrader is in a position to support traders to get maximum profit and there is no conflict of interest. In contrast to dealing desk-type brokers who will lose money if the trader makes a profit, the Axitrader has no problems/losses if the trader makes a big profit because all your orders will be thrown to the banks which are the liquidators.

Small spreads and low commissions

Axitrader is also famous for its very small spreads, the EUR/USD pair has a spread of around 0.3-0.5 pips on ECN accounts and around 1.3 pips on standard accounts. So Axitrader is very comfortable with scalping.

Easy Deposit and Withdrawal

Axitrader provides several legal deposit methods that you can choose from, such as bank transfer, credit/debit card, Neteller, Skrill.

Key Features and Services at AxiTrader forex broker:

• Broker Type: STP/ECN

• Regulation: ASIC and FCA

• Account Type: Standard & ECN Pro MT4

• Trading without Commission or Finance Charge for Standard Account

• Trade with a low commission of $7 per standard lot for Axitrader Pro Account (ECN)

• Swap Free: No

• Fast Execution less than 0.1 seconds

• 5-digit price with EURUSD spread from 0.3 pips.

• Execution Type: Market Execution

• Execution Speed ​​: Avg 0.1 millisecond

• Hedging without Margin: No

• Allow All Strategies & EA: Yes

• Trade directly to Multi Bank Liquidity (Direct Market Access)

• No Dealer Manipulation/intervention

• No Dealing Desk with Market Execution Order type

• Trade with size/volume starting from 0.01

• Leverage up to 1:400

• Minimum deposit $ 200, for the next deposit none

• Available Gold and Silver Instruments in addition to Forex

• Spread Compare: click here to see live spread

• Suitable for Traders: Scalper, swing trade, intraday

• Withdrawal and deposit via Bank Wire and Credit Card Bank Wire, Moneybookers/Skrill.

Online Trading Tips for Beginners

Trading activities can be done anywhere and not full time along with the increasingly sophisticated era in the information and communication technology sector, you can trade each of your electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, and others that are connected to an internet connection. this will not take up much of your time because it can be done on a part-time basis meaning you don’t have to sacrifice your office work just to do trading techniques but still trading will provide material benefits to increase

your income.

Millennials and Generation Z are invited to get to know and start investing in online trading, which is simple, practical, and doesn’t take long to reap the investment returns. Moreover, online forex trading has recently become one of the investments loved by young people in Indonesia. Young people see the forex trading process as one of the newest and most profitable trends.

In the forex business, good money management is needed. We must be able to apply good money management to be successful as traders. In addition, we must be able to determine exactly when to open a position and when to make a stop loss. The thing that is no less important in determining the profit target

Next, don’t panic when you are in a loss position. With a calm mind, you can think clearly to make the right decision. Panic in a loss position will only make things worse, because usually when you are in a panic position the decisions you make are not right. So it is very important for traders to remain calm in the face of every condition. Then no less important is choosing a trusted broker.

Many online brokers offer all the advantages of transactions, such as creating an account without paying commission fees and low Sprites, affordable withdrawal fees, etc. You can click here to investigate and choose which broker best suits your expectations. your data has been included because usually online brokers will guarantee security and comfort for you.

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