Bumper to Bumper Car Insurance Explained


Buying a new car is a confusing choice. You have a diverse range of options from which you finally shortlist the perfect car for your family.  Various factors like your budget, your preference of vehicle type, the engine capacity all come together to make that choice of the best-suited car.

Now imagine you take the delivery of your car and on your way back home you hear a loud thud! You notice another motorist has hit your car. Within a few hours, your brand new car is damaged! That would be such a heart-breaking sight.

Here is when your car insurance policy comes to rescue! If you have opted for a bumper to bumper policy, you need not worry.

What is bumper to bumper car insurance?

A bumper to bumper insurance is a comprehensive policy that protects your car against all kinds of damages. It is an all-in-one policy that ensures all-round protection for your car. It provides 100% coverage and protects against unfortunate mishaps and accidents. A bumper to bumper insurance is also called as zero depreciation or nil depreciation insurance cover. It excludes any depreciation on the parts while accepting your claim. A bumper to bumper insurance can be purchased as an add-on to your comprehensive car insurance policy for a nominal premium.

Who should buy bumper to bumper insurance cover?

Bumper to bumper insurance is suitable and can be purchased if you have bought either a used car or a new car. The only caveat is your vehicle should not be more than five years old. It is well suited for luxury cars whose repair costs are expensive. It is recommended that new and inexperienced drivers should opt for bumper to bumper policy. It helps them manage any costly repairs that are common when learning a new vehicle. Lastly, if you reside in an accident-prone area, it is necessary to have a safety net in the form of such insurance cover.

What should you know when buying bumper to bumper insurance plans?

A bumper to bumper insurance claim will not be paid if you are driving it without a valid driving license or under the influence of alcohol or intoxications. The premiums for this insurance is slightly higher as it provides an overall coverage for your vehicle. You can make use of a car insurance premium calculator to determine your premiums when adding a bumper to bumper cover to your insurance policy. Some insurance companies may have a limit on the number of claims that you can make in a year using this insurance policy.

What are the exclusions of bumper to bumper insurance cover?

  • Your vehicle is not eligible if its age is more than five years.
  • Claims made for vehicles which are registered as private but used for commercial activities.
  • Damages due to mechanical breakdown.
  • Specified damage to the engine and consumable spares.
  • Damages due to uninsured perils.
  • Damage to accessories, battery, gas kit and tyres.

So the next time you are in search of vehicle insurance online or offline, opt for bumper to bumper coverage. You can not only enjoy your car rides, but also drive without fear of paying for expensive car repairs.

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