Be Aware of What Laminate Timber Flooring Is


If you want an inexpensive substitute for hardwood flooring, better you must consider going for laminate timber instead.

Laminate timber is generally made from many layers of very thin pieces of wood, which are glued to one another having the grains that are running in parallel. After that, a paper sheet with a wood grain photo image is placed on its top. After that, finally, it is covered by a certain sheet of plastic lamination.

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There are a few benefits and drawbacks to laying laminate wood flooring

The following are a few advantages of going for this type of laminate flooring installation:

  1. Value

The primary reason why people go for laminate flooring is because of its price. You can enjoy a wood-like appearance on your floor at a much lesser expense. Not only that, it is quite cheap to install too.

  1. Style and design

Laminate flooring can mimic any kind of flooring and therefore you can get them in many different styles and designs too. Also, with the latest technology, its colour will also not get faded by sunlight.   

  1. Comfort

By placing foam as underlayment for any laminate flooring it will make this flooring quite comfortable to walk on them. At the same time, people will find this flooring softer.

  1. Health and wellness

Those who suffer from different kinds of allergies may go for such floors as no mould or allergens will be present on such floors. With simple mopping and wiping any dust present on them can be removed.

  1. Easy to install

Most of the laminate floorings are available in click type of fitting that is quite easy to install. Many people may also go for a DIY option if they prefer to.

The following are a few disadvantages of laminate flooring:

  1. Not very durable

This kind of flooring may not last like any wooden flooring material. It is therefore a poor man’s wooden floor.

  1. Easily gets scratched

Due to heavy traffic, it can easily get scratched or even get damaged too. By means of any floor sanding, you cannot restore its finish that you can do with any wooden flooring.

  1. Low-quality variety may emit emission

If you have used any lower quality laminate flooring then there is a chance of emitting certain chemicals that can be bad for those who suffer from asthma or any other respiratory issues.

  1. Can be slippery

Laminate flooring can be quite slippery and will not be very suitable for places like bathrooms and kitchens.

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