Top 5 eCommerce Marketing Strategies



Some of the most common questions in eCommerce are: what will explode my sales? What are the right marketing strategies to use for my business? 

Honestly, there is no one quick fix for everyone. The truth is, there are a range of different strategies out there and the “right” one will be different for everyone. It all depends on the kind of business you have,  your target audience, country, budget, competition, etc. eCommerce strategies can be very specific and time consuming, so if you are not a specialist in this area, it is recommended you hire some help by way of eCommerce marketing agency or specialist.

Here are some of the top 5 timeless marketing strategies which are key to your business.

#1 Word of mouth 

This is often forgotten about, with the wealth of online marketing streams you can invest in in the 21st century. This timeless classic is powerful, yet not utilised enough. We naturally share all our experience with our friends and family, the good and the bad, right? It makes for good small talk or dinner chats. 

Word of mouth can be influenced by your brand. Wouldn’t you rather people were spreading good things about your brand, than positive? You can help encourage more positive sharing, or the positioning of the sharing with specialised campaigns.

#2 Content marketing 

There are billions of users across the web – including social media platforms. Creating content is key to attracting and engaging with your audience. Content allows you to be found and answer questions/provide value, as well as expand your reach by repurposing and utilising social media platforms. 

There are many forms of content, from blog posts, videos, images, GIFs, infographics, social media posts, etc. The purpose in business is to educate customers about your business, service and products and to capture them at different aspects on their journey. Content helps to build trust and brand awareness. With the increased use of social media, if your content is good, it is likely to be shared across the internet, expanding your reach even further. 

#3 Email marketing 

Everyone has an email. Everyone reads their emails. Email marketing is golden! Yes, social media channels are super popular, but emails have been known to be the most profitable. You can get inside their inbox as often as you like, and nurture your target audience, over time, to buy from you. You can share with them tips, business insights and become their go to for advice. This helps build trust and a relationship with the audience you already have. You can also take advantage by making your list exclusive – this means anyone who signs up gets something in return, for example, freebie (advice or downloads) discount codes or offers before being released to the public.

#4 Social media 

Ensuring your business is on social media is a must. Which ones, depend on your brand, industry and goals. These platforms include Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter and more. Billions of users are active on social media, DAILY. Every brand should be building an online presence, because if not, you could be missing out on a ton of presence. 

Not only can you build your own presence, but you can also work with micro influencers, to share your product or services to their audience. 

#5 Paid Ads

Paid ads are powerful. How many times do you see ads come up when you are scrolling on social media, conducting a google search or watching youtube? They are everywhere. 

Paid ads allow you to cater the needs of your brand and budget, target your ads to your ideal audience by choosing the age, language, education, location, interests, behavrious, etc. as well as gain instant results. 

Do you have these top 5 strategies in place? 







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