Basic points you should know before hiring a Car Accident Attorney


Car accidents are unfortunate mishaps that are all too common across the world. Some car accidents may leave you unscathed with perhaps a dent or scratch on your car. But some car accidents can be rather serious and may need immediate medical attention for yourself or those traveling with you. Medical attention aside, it is crucial to hire a car accident attorney. A car accident attorney will help you gauge the gravity of your accident, what you can do about it and how you can get compensated for the mental, physical and financial trauma of it all. So before you go ahead and decide who your car accident attorney should be, we have put together a few basic points you should know before hiring an accident lawyer.

Get well soon

Before you look for a Tampa car accident lawyer, make sure you have had all the medical attention you need. Make your physical recovery your top priority and keep ensuring your medical bills are in place. Keep a diligent record of all the hospital papers. Also, keep your lawyer informed about your progress and be honest with them.

Be diligent with paperwork

If your paperwork is not in place, it may get difficult for you to file your injury claims.

Some important documents you may need are:

  • Accident or collision report from the police
  • Medical records
  • Photos from the accident
  • Details about the accident like date, location, time, road conditions, etc.
  • Car insurance policy details for yourself and the other party
  • A breakdown of the losses you have faced because of the accident

Go by references

It is always good to go by references when looking for a personal injury lawyer. A referral service can help you get in touch with the right Tampa car accident lawyer for you. Do remember that it is illegal for attorneys to solicit business with clients. Make sure to steer clear of ambulance chasers. 

Stick to timelines

Lawsuits have strict time limits called statutes of limitations. Time is of the essence here. So make sure you file your case as soon as you can, or you may forever be barred from seeking compensation.

Is your lawyer right for you?

In the unfortunate event of an auto accident or injury, you may be tempted to find the first lawyer you may encounter; do not fall for the trap. Take your time to find an accident lawyer who will be equipped with the skills that you need.

The following are some important questions you can ask your attorney before you sign them up.

  • Which Law School did they graduate from?
  • Where did the lawyer practice law?
  • How long have they been handling accident injury lawsuits?
  • Has your lawyer come across a case like yours in the past?
  • Does your lawyer specialize in submitting claims with insurance companies?
  • Do they have a plan as to how they will handle your case?

Enquire about contingency fee

Take time to question your lawyer about contingency fees. Generally, the contingency fee is somewhere between 33 to 40% of the injury claim, depending on whether your case goes to trial.

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