All You Need To Know About Rubber Speed Humps


A speed hump is an illustrative device that reduces the vehicle speed on the residential areas. This unit is loved by many people since it is easy and fast to install as well as remove, cost-effective compared to asphalt speed humps. It offers a consistent profile, easily conforms the curvature with the right tools that you can install alone

  • Areas that you can install the humps :

There are many areas where you can install different units. Some of these areas include parking facilities, residential areas, hospitals, school zones, construction work zones, warehouses nursing, playground and school crossing.

While installing the units in residential areas, it does not mean that you will install them without supervision. Therefore before you install them, you should ask the traffic engineer for inspection of the area and approve it. The engineer should also guide you on the right size on the speed humps that you should choose

Besides installing the humps, you should consider the installing warning signs that warn drivers of the humps. This means that the signs need to be visible while approaching motorists and should be placed based on the local standards and the laws.

Drainage problems are among the significant problems of installing the units her many roads flood once the units are installed. This is because many contractors do not leave space to facilitate drainage. To be on a safer side, you should leave one foot from the street cub for draining water.

It is essential as already set to ask the city engineers to visit the area that you are planning to install the speed humps and evaluate it intensively. There are some areas where speed humps should not be installed like over maintenance holes less than 10 feet driveways, roads with horizontal curves that are incredibly sharp and streets with over 5% grades.

If you choose to install the humps in areas prone to snow, remember the humps can easily be damaged. Therefore install them in ways that they can easily be removed during snow removal. You should install them in ways that you can easily remove and replace humps without destroying them.

Rubber speed humps do much more than protecting the passengers as well as drivers. Thus, it is essential to use them in residential areas to keep children and pedestrians safe from speeding vehicles. At schools crossing, the humps warn drivers to slow down and prepare to stop when there is a need. In addition, there has extra safety tool during the temporary road work construction.

Unlike concrete, rubber speed humps are permanent when you want them to be. The rubber humps come in different types as well as sizes. Therefore installing the wrong one may lead to ineffectiveness and damage of the humps. Therefore you should research the best to install, and you should also consider installing high-quality units available in the market.

Overall, whether you are seeking to increase the safety of the annual fair or daily needs of the residential street, you will appreciate the durability and versatility of the rubber speed humps.

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