All About trips and More in Malta


Visiting Malta by car makes it easy to travel the entire island, making the most of time there so you don’t miss out on places of interest. You can stop where and when you want, without the constraint of respecting public transport timetables. You will also find our advice on when to go, where to sleep and our recommendations for driving in Malta.

Rent a car for a road trip in Malta

Going on a road trip to visit Malta inevitably means that at some point you are going to need to rent a car. We advise you to rent it directly at the airport, it is generally the easiest and the prices are lower than an agency located in town. With the number of international rental companies and local companies, you will be spoiled for choice. Choose the Rent-a-boat Malta options there.

A wide choice of destinations

Do you want to get away from it all and get away from your daily routine? Say no more, renting a sailboat is the solution. Whether you are two, with family or friends, we have what you need.

Depending on the number you want to be as well as your sailing program, our wide range of sailboats will satisfy your desires. A small sailboat offers the advantage of flexibility, it can be skippered by one person and maneuvering on board is easier. On the other hand, choose a large sailboat if you are looking for more comfort and space, the latter are more suitable for vacations and idleness and have more living space on board. However, these ships are more difficult to handle due to their size.

Choosing the Yachts

The cruising yachts, “charter” are yachts that meet the criteria of comfort and space. They are often used with friends or family and are ideal for novice sailors who are making their first cruise.

Although any cruising sailboat is over 6 meters, each one is different from the others due to their many characteristics, both physical and technical. There are some that have a wooden shell, others in plastic, aluminum or even composite wood. In addition, they can be fitted with a long bulbous or short finned keel.

Small sailboats

A sailboat is considered “small” when it is less than 8 meters. They were very popular in the 1980s because of their many benefits. Indeed, they are more affordable and cost less to maintain than conventional sailboats. In addition, it is possible to transport them using a trailer given their small size.

The small sailing boats are requested to make simple cruise on a budget and the largest of them even have two double berths. They are equipped with a dagger board or a lifting keel depending on the model, which allows them to sneak wherever they want and even to be able to approach the beaches.

The different types of sailboats

Nowadays there are many types of sailboats. Each responds to a different need and is adapted to the different possible navigation programs.


The rental of a boat is also an opportunity to explore neighboring countries as you would have never imagined, Greece and Croatia are particularly acclaimed by sailors. Do you want to go to the other side of the world? Nothing prevents you from sailing to more exotic destinations in the Antilles or the Bahamas.

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