8 Tips To Remove Hardwater Stains On Your Sunglasses


If you have floating sunglasses, you probably feel confident in bringing them with you on your trip to the beach. You don’t have to worry about losing them because they will float even if you suddenly go for a swim. There’s no hesitation on your part since you’re going to spot them floating.

There are different ways for you to clean your sunglasses. However, it’s important to know exactly which is the best especially for the stain that you are trying to remove. Below are some tips that you should keep in mind if you want to remove stains on your sunglasses.

1. Never use harsh materials

Any cleaning liquid that contains ammonia, vinegar, or bleach will damage the protective coating of your lenses. Although they might look like they are cleaning your sunglasses, you’ll notice the damage later on. These damages will be permanent so you’ll end up having to buy a new pair.

2. Rinse your sunglasses with running water

Don’t use your fingers to wipe away the stains on your sunglasses even if you have running water on. You should restrict yourself to only using the running water. Make sure that it’s strong enough that it can wipe away the stains on the sunglasses before you proceed with washing your pair.

3. Wash your sunglasses with warm water

Using warm water will make it easier for you to wash your floating sunglasses, combined with your favorite dishwashing detergent, you will be able to remove all the oils and bacteria that have built up on your sunglasses.

4. Use a soft cloth

Having a tough time getting rid of grime or debris stuck to the frames of your sunglasses? You can use a soft cloth to wipe them away. Never use your fingers or any rough cloth when cleaning your sunglasses because they might leave scratches on it.

5. Blow drying your sunglasses

Although it’s not bad to use a soft dry cotton cloth to wash your sunglasses, there’s still a risk of having it be stained or scratched. You can use a blow dryer that’s set to the minimum setting to get rid of the water. Use the soft cloth later for any buildups on the frame.

6. Clean your sunglasses under white light

Make sure there’s a strong white light in the room so you can easily see the dirt and stains on your sunglasses. Using natural light in the kitchen is the best if you’re cleaning your pair during the daytime.

7. Keep your sunglasses in a case

This is more of a preventive measure than cleaning. If you want to avoid random stains and debris on your sunglasses, you should keep it in a case that can be secured. Put that case in an area that’s less likely to get dirty.

8. Know when to buy a new pair

There may be a time that it’s no longer possible to wipe away the supposed stains on your sunglasses. That stain may have become actual damage to your pair or it has damaged the protective coating that makes it seem like a stain even though it’s actual damage to the sunglasses.

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