Play Casino Slot Games- From Liberty Bell to RNG(Random Number Generation)


The slot machine, which is so popular among gamblers from all over the world, was invented by Charles Fay of San Francisco in the year 1895. It was an excellent piece of the machine of reels and levers. The machine was called Liberty Bell by him, which consisted of three spinning reels on every on it a picture of cracked Liberty Bell was imprinted. The machine used to be started by a lever which was incorporated at the side of the machine. The lever used to start the reels in motion, and players would wait eagerly to see the result. If it stopped at three liberty bell lined up, players used to win 50 cents. This machine got huge popularity, and the game of slot spread like wildfire and the winnings would be put in liberty safe wisconsin.


Slot machines were banned in many states of the US in 1902. They lightly modified the slot machines instead of playing cards, pictures of candles and fruits were imprinted on the reels. If the reel stopped at the pictures of chewing gum, the player used to win some packets of chewing gum. As gambling was forbidden, slot machines were used for some innocent fun and frolic so that you can play casino slot games as a relief. From this creativeness, slot machines were called Fruit machines and still widely called in the UK.

For a long period of time, slot machines were operated by pulling the lever, which was completely mechanical. Players used to enjoy, as the pulled the lever, and the machine starts. They used to have a feeling of controlling the game. Mechanics which used to start the machine was based on clockwork type motor. The mechanism used was original and was not altered for many years.” One arm bandit,” it was called on those days.


With the advancement of technology, electromechanical slot machines were invented in the 1960s. The most famous slot machine of those times was called “Money Honey.” From the 1980s, the slot machines started its modern journey from electromechanical slot machines to electric slot machines. Now modern-day slot machines are powered by the microprocessor. Modern-day machines give all the pleasure and excitement, allows bigger bets to be placed, which means potential for bigger payouts. Now when you play casino slot games, it uses a technology called Random Number Generator (RNG). This technology also attributed to the development of progressive slot machines. In progressive slot machines, multiple machines in one casino or in many casinos are interlinked.  Every sum that is better in any of the connected slot machines makes the jackpot bigger until someone lucky wins it.

Online Slots

The biggest progression since the invention of Liberty Bell is probably the invention of online casino pioneered by Microgaming.Since the 1990s, it started with flying colors. Slot machines are their flagship game as it used to be in land-based casinos. Online casinos allow playing slot games from the comfort of your home. Play casino slot games where slots are more attractive with alluring graphics and sound effects than land-based slot machines. Now instead of the lever, you just need to push a button to start the slot machine.

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