6 Best Diving Spots in Raja Ampat


Who is not interested in a vacation to Raja Ampat Papua? Famous for its underwater beauty, Raja Ampat is very popular with tourists. Even the exoticism of this group of islands in eastern Indonesia has been heard internationally. There are 610 island groups you can find in Raja Ampat, Papua.

With so many choices of islands, Raja Ampat is often referred to as a paradise for travelers. Arriving there, you will be presented with a beautiful expanse of the island, complete with a wealth of diverse marine life. Diving in Raja Ampat is undoubtedly the right idea if you want to enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat up close.

If you have plans to dive in the depths of the Raja Ampat sea in Papua, there are a number of the best diving spots that you should not miss. Anywhere? Come on, see the full review below.

  1. Cross Wreck

The first diving spot is Cross Wreck which is 300 km east of Sorong. There is a special reason why this place is called Cross Wreck. The word ‘cross’ refers to the cross because this place is the closest place for missionaries who land on the island have the characteristic of its Cendrawasih bird.

While the word ‘wreck’ is taken from an accident that caused a Japanese naval patrol boat to sink during World War II, the wreck of this ship has become an attraction for divers when diving here.

With a depth of 18 meters, you can see firsthand the wreck that is still intact. Interestingly, this shipwreck is used as a residence by marine biotas such as lionfish, leaf fish, devil fish, mantis shrimp, and octopus. If you are interested in diving at Cross Wreck, it is recommended to do it from March to November.

  1. Mios Kun

The following diving spot that you must visit while in Raja Ampat is Mios Kun. Located in the southern area near Kabui Bay, Mios Kun offers beautiful coral reefs with diverse marine life. Coral reefs on the seabed seem to make it look like a garden under the sea.

Diving at a depth of 25 meters, you have the opportunity to see the Wobbegong Shark. Besides sharks, you can also find other marine life that is no less interesting, such as Seahorses and Fusiliers Fish. Diving in Mios Kun will undoubtedly be an experience you will never forget.

  1. Blue Magic

As the name implies, this one diving spot seems to have magic because it can amaze divers with its underwater beauty. The location itself is not too far from Mios Kun, approximately 1 km to the south.

The variety of marine life that you will encounter is no less beautiful than other diving spots. Barracudas, red snappers, surgeonfish, and tuna are examples of Blue Magic inhabitants. Not only that, the view of the coral reefs is an attraction that you can’t refuse.

With a depth of about 30 meters, Blue Magic is certainly a diving spot that you should not miss while on vacation to Raja Ampat. Oh yes, for information, Blue Magic has a strong enough current, so it takes skill and a high level of diving experience.

  1. Manta Sandy

Well, for those of you who want to swim with stingrays, it’s a must for diving at Manta Sandy. Here, you can have the opportunity to see Manta Rays by diving at a depth of 18 meters. The location is close to Arborek Island is famous for its sloping beaches.

Because the depth is not up to 20 meters, the difficulty level is not too complicated, so it is safe for beginner divers. At Manta Sandy, you will find about 20 Manta Rays in one dive. If you don’t have a qualified one, you can snorkel here.

  1. Batu Lima

Batu Lima is the next diving spot that you can find in Raja Ampat. This spot in the Dampier Strait has a dive depth of about 24 meters with various current conditions. Its attraction lies in the charm of its extensive coral reefs.

There is no need to dive deeper to find coral reefs because even a few meters deep, you can see beautiful purple coral reefs. In addition to its diverse coral reefs, the marine life that inhabits Batu Lima is no less charming. You have the opportunity to see the Blacktip Shark here.

  1. Cape Kri

Being one of the top spots of Raja Ampat, Tanjung Kri has a fascinating diversity of marine life. Diving in Tanjung Kri will also provide a memorable experience on your vacation in Raja Ampat. There are so many fish here that the sun’s rays from the sea surface cannot penetrate deep.

Only with a depth of 10 to 40 meters and a visibility of 10 to 30 meters, you can find a variety of fish and corals including snapper, fusilier, sweetlips, butterlyfish and dan angle fish. Ikan tuna juga menjadi pemandangan umum di Tanjung Kri. Hiu karpet atau wobbegong yang biasanya hanya bisa ditemui di perairan Australia pun bisa kamu temui di sini.

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