5 Effective Tips on How to Buy Solar Leads


Solar generated 2 percent of the United States’ energy in 2019. There are different solar energy generation technologies including solar-thermal and photovoltaic (PV) power. The number of households who are shifting to solar energy has increased significantly of late. But some solar firms are struggling to increase their leads. In this post, we discuss five effective tips to get solar leads.

     1.Event Marketing

Many companies in the country marketed their marketing events last year. Yet, this method is still effective in generating solar leads. The popularity of solar energy is steadily increasing each year. Solar companies are currently targeting events like home improvement forums. Such events can help you get more solar leads and attract many return clients. For example, you can sponsor booths to promote your brand in an event or use location-based ads and geo-tracking to reach your target market.

      2.Create an Effective SEO Strategy

Some solar entrepreneurs opt to market their brands on their own rather than hiring search engine optimization (SEO) experts. Recent reports state that companies that have effective SEO strategies generate more organic leads than those that solely rely on traditional marketing. An SEO strategy can include developing a keyword strategy, building niche and location-based landing pages, and creating URLs for your website. At first, they might be daunting and time-consuming, but they will eventually increase traffic to your website.

      3.Inbound Marketing

Increasing inbound sales isn’t a walk in the park for many solar companies. Reader-friendly websites attract many web users. They have detailed descriptions of the products and services that a company offers thus helping homeowners make informed decisions before they get solar quotes.

It is prudent to have attractive social media profiles, a Google Review page, and use paid Google ads. Inbound marketing is the cheapest solar lead generation method. On average, it helps solar businesses save $20,000 each year and generates 54 percent more leads compared to traditional paid marketing.

      4.Understand Your Market

Some solar companies choose their target markets based on solar system varieties, location, commercial or residential solar installations. It is advisable to focus on and understand a particular market. This will help you solve various problems that clients face in the market. Besides, it will increase your brand’s popularity once you lead in your niche. Consider your target clients when creating sales funnels and adjust your website to suit your audience and niche market.

      5.Increase Positive Reviews to Get Solar Leads

New homeowners tend to trust solar companies with many positive reviews. They use Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business to check previous reviews. You can encourage web users to contact you if you have many reviews. For instance, Google My Business helps businesses appear in “Near Me” web searches. If a client looks for a solar company that is near them, they are likely to find your company on the first results page.

Each solar company needs to create and follow an effective digital marketing strategy to increase its leads. Some companies specialize in generating solar leads at a fee. Call Solar Exclusive at (702)462-7237 to get solar leads. Our solar marketing personnel has several years of experience in sales and marketing. We help solar firms in more than 39 states. Also, we provide custom-made lead generation systems to our customers.

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