Know About Different Types Of Fabric Suitable For Children’s Clothing


Finding out the best fabric to make children’s clothing is a tough task. There are varieties of dresses that can be made for kids, but the first and foremost requirement is a good fabric for sewing. It should be soft, non-irritating, and comfortable enough. Here are some top choices of fabric used for making 童裝.

  • Lawn Cotton

This is 100% cotton fabric, made of fine thread, and hence extremely soft and slightly transparent. Cotton lawn fabric is very much popular among mothers for being lightweight.

  • Voile

This is a gauze-like fabric, thinner than cotton lawn. Voile is more transparent, crisp, and also free-flowing.

  • Broadcloth

This fabric is lightweight, soft, cotton or cotton blend. While making 童裝, cotton gets the first preference due to its high comfort level. Cotton broadcloth is largely used for making dresses and gowns for children.

  • Handkerchief Linen

This fabric is very soft. Handkerchief linen is actually a lightweight linen and also semi-sheer bringing smoothness as well as elegance to the dress. This is mostly used for making Christmas gowns.

  • Muslin

Muslin is a cotton fabric. This is available in thin, dense, and even coarse qualities. The most appropriate for making 童裝 is the thin muslin, which is fully cotton. This fabric is mainly used to make simple burp clothes, diaper covers, etc.

  • Gauze

This is a cotton muslin fabric but with a little wrinkled look. Gauze is airy and breathable, hence very much comfortable.

  • Batiste

Batiste is a soft cotton open weave fabric. This is not as transparent as lawn cotton or voile, but very soft giving a comfortable wearing experience. This fabric is also lightweight like others and suitable for making clothes for children.

  • Fleece

Fleece, used as alternative to wool, is a great choice for making winter wears for kids. Unlike wool, fleece can be washed in machine and also dries fast. It keeps the body warm. This fabric is quite good for making jackets for children.

  • Bamboo Rayon

The fabric is soft and durable. As bamboo rayon is made organically, it has non-allergenic properties. It is considered having thermal regulating power and apt for sensitive skin.

童裝 should be comfortable first, then pretty. It is very much important to choose clothes for children keeping in mind how delicate a child’s skin is. Do not go for the synthetic, dazzling dresses which might cause discomfort to the child, rather pick up something super soft and of great comfort.

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