Shinning Career in Sports betting: Your Options


Following the line of those who want to win a lot of money overnight, there is another type of bet that seduces the beginning bettor: the multiple bet. Given this, we bring the concepts and my opinion on this type of bet.

Multiple and Jackpot Sports Betting: What is a multiple bet?

Well, actually the name of the type of bet is practically self-explanatory, it is basically combining several bets into one. With that the odds increase and we seek the pot of gold at the end of the last game. Well, as we said above, it is very tempting, especially for the beginner bettor, who sees the possibility of winning a lot of money by investing the amount of money from a single bet. Here’s how it works:


Quotes for each event: 1.45 x 1.92 x 1.50 x 1.25 x 1.72 x 1.80 x 1.30 = 21.00

In this example I have combined several events in a bet, which when placed together, your odds are multiplied and the bet price is very large. We can combine several markets in an accumulated bet: Money Line, goal lines, handicaps, corners, victory at halftime, etc. In case of Sites Judi Online this iss very true.

  • Now do you understand the reason for this type of bet to seduce the younger ones so much? Let’s say you bet a $ 10 standard on each event, and then your net return would be $ 4.50 with the first bet, or $ 9.20 with the second.
  • But if you place the same $ 10 on this multiple bet, you have the possibility of a $ 210 return (including the initial bet amount).

In multiple bets, it is mandatory to match 100% of the events you have combined on the same betting ticket. So, if you managed to hit almost all of your games, but in the last one you didn’t, unfortunately the bet is considered a loser.


There is also the possibility of placing Asian lines in the accumulated ones. In this case, we added some Asian handicap, Asian goal line, corners, etc. With this, if your Asian online bet is returned, it does not count as an error, and simply the bookmaker recalculates your ticket, as if that bet did not exist. At many bookmakers, there is also Cash Out option.

This tool is one in which you can close a bet while the event is still in progress, with the house offering an amount to close the bet in advance, depending on how the game is in relation to your best choice. In this option, in combined bets, the more you set your bets within a jackpot, the more your cash out will be.

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