4 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Air Purifier For Home


Air purifiers nowadays are simple to use. Anyone can run and use it, turn it on and let it do its job. Whether it’s an absorbent or ionic, the best air purifier in Singapore is the one that is capable of meeting your needs for everyday use. However, many of us have little knowledge of maximising an air purifier’s usage and performance.

Indoor air quality can impact our health and well-being, so you want to make the most out of your air purifier for the best result. The question remains, how do you exactly optimise your air purifier device? This article will touch on some of the basic tips you can apply to maximise your air purifier:

Keep Windows And Doors Closed

Almost every indoor air purifier for home and commercial spaces works best and efficiently when you keep windows and doors closed. In fact, most manufacturers recommend it and open them periodically. It helps avoid contamination from outside sources from ever entering the room. Thus, you may want to have your indoor environment sealed when using the air purifier. It’s simple, and it works!

Know The Best Location

Another way to make the most out of your home air purifier device is to know the right spot to place them. Almost every air purifier needs a ‘breathing’ space to work, which means you need to keep it a few feet away from the corner and have it in a clear space. You don’t confine them in a tight spot. Otherwise, it can cause obstruction to air circulation. You want an even air distribution in each corner and open space. The size is another consideration, so you want to have the right size proportion for the room.

Regularly Maintain The Device’s Filter

Whether you have a HEPA or an air purifier for dust, it’s a must to maintain your equipment’s filter clean and free from clogged dirt or contaminants. Otherwise, a clogged filter defeats the purpose of your air purifier. The filter plays a critical role in keeping dirt and impurities away, which is why you need to replace it every once in a while. Consider reading your device’s manual for the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendation for more info.

Leave The Device On For 24/7

It’s ok to leave your device open 24/7 since it is the manufacturer’s intended design for air purifiers. It is a must to do, especially if you are living with someone with asthma, respiratory illness or allergies. Most devices can work all day with automatic mode to regulate their fan speed for an extended period for efficiency.

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