4 SEO Algorithms might decrease your website ranking



Here most of the seo experts & seo agencies should be alert with these techniques. Every expert of search engine optimization might used these techniques & increase these URL ranking in minimum time but sometimes google crawler identifies the process of your link which you have generate from different sites from that sites they fetch your HTML code to identify that your code is matched with these website & you have organically connected with other sites. 

        So every Developer’s shouldn’t understand the Algorithm & the process of ranking the site in appropriate time. Don’t apply such techniques it might’ve getting affectionately to your clients website. Nowadays every website owner’s wants to rank their Business website or first page. But search engine marketing takes time to rank your link in SERP. 

 Here we will discuss about 4 main disadvantage SEO techniques which decrease your rank score & your traffic analytics. 

1.Different ways to generate Backlink

  • Here we all know that every link gets rank through organic way & SEO process takes minimum 6-8 months to rank your site on search engine result page. So we find out the inorganic ways to generate backlinks to they buys links & when you take backlinks from different sites it might be in future deltach your links to decrease your ranking. 
  • Google crawlers also fetch those indexed links which you have uploaded in your site. It don’t give better backlinks for your website & users can’t trust your site to go through your online business

2.Avoid black hat Algorithm

  • Nowadays every online business sites should understand that there are two Algorithm to rank your website. 
  • White hat & black hat SEO Algorithm these two techniques have their own process to show your trust. 
  • White has SEO is slow process but gives you good trust to your audience & give organic traffic & conversion. While black hat SEO is like give your website ranking within a month but after a while it gets decrease your ranking on a long scale so try to avoid black hat SEO. 
  1. Duplicate contents harm your website ranking position
  • Every online business refers some style or a pattern of their competitors that’s right to understand the process working style but not to apply in your online business platform because every customer wants unique concept to engage your business. 
  • Google crawler will find out the content is relevant from different site that means your business don’t have own content. Because of that it affects to your ranking. 
  • In these field of online market you should have your content plagiarism free because your content is king in your business so check your content plagiarism free & change your content every 5-6 months for customers satisfaction & for Google crawlers. 
  1. Keyboard stuffing volume should be minimum. 
  • Every websites have some tags which audience will find in search engine so that type of words are known as keyword. 
  • Now keyword are stuffed in your link through which whenever the user search relevant word your site should show to your crowd. 
  • But if you import your keywords in every paragraph within your titles, description of same keyword then it gets over
  • 1.5℅ of same words you can use in the content of particular link to done get overwriting the concept. 


So here were the detail knowledge of seo aglorithms .Read and apply for your website or client today. Hire any digital marketing company so they will help you to achieve your goals with their best strategies.

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